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About Local Pricing

Level 2
I would like to convey to you a finding that I consider important about Local Pricing. Look, I live in Turkey and used Oculus Rift, then Quest. And now I'm using Quest 2. I regret to say that during the period I used these three devices, I purchased very limited games and programs from the Oculus store. In fact, I haven't bought any recently and for a long time. Do you know why? It shouldn't be hard to guess! Because your prices are very, very, very expensive for us. Look, the value of our pawn has dropped a lot, and our income level is not enough to pay 40 dollars for a game! These are fees that are too high for us to really afford. Just like what 300-500 dollars is to someone living in Europe and how high a price is, 30-40 dollars is a high price for us. Look, the minimum wage in our country is 300 dollars and my salary is 360 dollars. Please think about it, how can I spend $40 on a game? Everything has become overpriced in our country, and the electricity bill has been $80 for several months, and this is really high for us. However, if you had determined reasonable and affordable prices for us, I would have saved you many 40 dollars in this time! You defined me a 30% discount code. Thank you very much, but with what money will I pay the remaining 70%? And believe us, if you had lowered the prices of games and programs to 3-5-7-10 dollars (for us, 3 dollars, 5 dollars and 10 dollars is a seriously high fee), we would have saved you many 40 dollars by now. until. But now we can't even use that discount code. Because the remaining amount is still very, very high for us. I hope you will consider this sincere and serious request and not deprive us of exclusive and quality content that is only published and sold on the Oculus store. Say what? Wouldn't that be good for both parties?
Please take this suggestion seriously and consider it.