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Announcing the XR Accessibility Project on Github

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Hi Oculus developers. The XR Access Initiative and XR Association have created a new resource for XR developers: the XR Accessibility Project!  This Github repository is intended as a place for developers to find helpful guidelines and code snippets to create accessible XR applications.


We're hoping that the XR Accessibility Project is able to grow over time, as more developers utilize it and submit the resources they use. We encourage you to take a look, and if you think of something that would be useful for other developers, submit it using the contribution form.  You can also submit other comments by creating an issue on Github.


We know it's hard enough to develop for XR platforms, let alone to do so accessibly; but we hope this resource will help make sure everyone, regardless of ability, can enjoy the great applications you're making.  



Dylan Fox

Coordination and Engagement Team Lead, XR Access





Thank you for sharing this resource.  I took a quick look at the initiative and will pass it on to other that are active coders.  As for myself i am not able to actively code atm as I am a sole caregiver to mom who has dementia and loves VR.  She is the inspiration for me joining Oculus Dev, community of solution-minded individuals, to see what can be done for persons that can benefit from inclusive accessibility features.



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Thanks Eric!  Really appreciate it - we definitely want people like your mother to be able to enjoy the full benefits of VR. If you'd be interested in sharing your story with others at the XR Access Stories page, we'd love to help spread it - the more real examples of VR helping folks with disabilities there are, the harder it gets to write them off as niche users.