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Controller Input Swap for Left Handed Players


There are a frustratingly large amount of games which do not offer a true left handed mode, Resident Evil 4 and the Walking Dead Saints and Sinners being two very prominent ones. They have a supposed left handed mode listed in the options but it does not swap joy stick input. This means that left handed players have to use the joystick for movement and weapon aiming with the same hand while this is not true for right handed players who can use their dominant hand for weapon interaction and non-dominant hand for movement. One solution that would be very helpful would to simply make available an option on the Oculus Quest itself to make all buttons and joystick input from the left controller act as if they came from the right controller and vice versa. This would remove the frustration of having to ask every game developer individually to add support to their game and be a one stop solution for most left handed players. 


Honored Guest

OMG please do this.  This is exactly what I need.  Where are all my lefty brothers out there?