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[FIXED] I'm really disappointed in the rebind fearure.


Meta fixed this issue! Thank you guys!


I have posted about this before, so I don't wanna keep harping on this topic, but before the quest 2 eventually loses support I have to voice my concerns and disappointments in the update that allows users to rebind controllers.

Some quick background: I have one hand, I am missing my left. I can strap a quest 2 controller to my left hand and press one button (either the left grab or the left trigger) I can not press 2+ buttons. I was hoping to find in the new update that I would be able to, for instance: rebind Right controller's "A" to Left controller's grab. But, no, I can not.


I am only able to rebind local controls, meaning only the left grab can be bound to the left A button not the right A button. This is very sad as I have complete ability in my right hand meaning I don't need to rebind anything there to assist on the right controller. I am sure this update has helped a lot of people who have different circumstances, but it still leaves me disappointed. 

I hope in the future of VR people who have disabilities like myself are looked out for, but not yet.



Issue has been fixed! Updated title and description