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[Feature Request] Visual acuity filter for meta quest 3 ???


Hello everyone and especially the people who are in charge of the technical development of the Quest 3,

We're developing a non-commercial application for visually impaired people. The goal is to obtain the image representation in the quest 3 as the real image of the  visually impaired person. Through this application that person can show and and let his employer experience what his real visual limitations are. The app is almost done but there is one big hurdle we can't cross. We can't figure out how we can create a visual acuity filter for the quest 3, one that is adjustable to the degree of the person in question. We don't have access to camera software or have the possibility to do in post-processing. We desperately need some help and advice.  This application has a noble purpose, your help will be a great help to thousands of visually impaired people around the word !!! Many thanks in advance, Bart.🙏