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Inquiry About Adaptations for Meta Quest with Xbox Adaptive Controller

Honored Guest

Dear Support Team,

My name is Richard Landry, and I am a computational physicist with a deep passion for gaming and technology. I am writing to inquire about possible adaptations or solutions that would allow me to use the Xbox Adaptive Controller with the Meta Quest VR system.

Due to a hemorrhagic stroke, I have paralysis on the left side of my body and rely heavily on my right hand for most activities, including gaming. This condition has significantly limited my ability to use traditional gaming controllers. The Xbox Adaptive Controller has been a fantastic tool for me, offering the customizability and accessibility I need. However, I am very interested in exploring the immersive world of virtual reality with the Meta Quest.

I understand that the Meta Quest and the Xbox Adaptive Controller are designed for different platforms and have distinct input methods. Nonetheless, I am hopeful that there might be some way to bridge this gap, whether through PC VR streaming, third-party software, or any other method.

Are there any existing solutions or adaptations that could facilitate the use of the Xbox Adaptive Controller with the Meta Quest? Additionally, if there are any community resources, forums, or individuals specializing in gaming accessibility that you could direct me to, it would be greatly appreciated.

As a professional with a doctorate and a keen interest in technology, I am always eager to find innovative ways to overcome challenges posed by my condition. Your guidance in this matter could significantly enhance my gaming experience and allow me to enjoy the wonders of virtual reality.

Thank you for taking the time to read my inquiry. I look forward to any information or suggestions you can provide.

Best regards,

Richard S. Landry, Ph.D.


Honored Guest