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My project has uploaded but disappears in unknown source tab

Level 2

This thing is I can upload/update my app through ODH, there is no errors shown. 

However, my app disappears in the unknown source tab, but I can see my latest update on my distribution through ODH. I tried to drag my file on my PC Oculus application as well, it shows installation successfully, but it does not show up in my quest. 

Does anyone encounter this issue before? 


Level 7

Try looking in All apps instead. After you upload a build to your developer org with the same package name the app will no longer show in unknown sources. 

Thanks. I found it is something about multi-cameras. I use OVRplayerController prefab, when I imported a 3D object with camera, Unity may override my original OVR camera rig. The settings of My original OVRCameraRig became different. I guess that is the reason, Quest detected something wrong so that this app disappeared to upload onto my quest.

It shows command failed: adb-s DEVICEID shell task set 0000000F pm install -d -t -g -r ‘data/local/temp/my_project.apk’

Level 7

Oh. It's failing to install. I don't having anything helpful to add other than check available storage space.

Thanks! Not sure why, but it did happen a few times.