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Natural Hand Tremor - Cant Aim!

Level 2

I have a natural hand tremor that is very mild, but these controllers are so sensitive, that every little vibration sends my aim into chaos at distances, to the point that I'd call it ridiculous. I am quite accurate with a real gun, even one handed, so this isn't a matter of my coordination. I feel that you need to create a sensitivity adjustment or you will be missing out on some people not buying most of your games, or even not buying a system altogether. I know that my "real gun" has 2lbs of weight that helps control my tremor so I would say that the controllers are also too light for my problem, however I doubt that you will be putting out 2lb controllers. My hope is to find some kind of wrist weight for exercising to help alleviate this, but making a sensitivity adjustment control feature would be the way to go. It is beyond annoying and will always keep me from buying most of your games. WAY TOO SENSITIVE for aiming that isn't necessary unless the target is 50 yards away.