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Oculus Developer Forum - Accessibility Development

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Hi there! Welcome to our discussion forum focused on accessible design in VR. Over the years we’ve been reading and learning from the Oculus developer and customer community about your needs in terms of accessible and inclusive content on the Oculus platform. We’ve created this forum discussion as a home for all developer conversations around accessibility.

Here, you can post your ideas, share your challenges, detail your needs, ask for feedback, and find others to test your applications and features.

We encourage all developers to create inclusive and accessible applications and try different things when it comes to building VR applications. We are still in the early days of building standards for accessible VR and are thrilled to see our developers implement interesting ideas and challenge themselves to solve difficult problems.

We at Oculus are excited to explore the frontier of accessible design through the inclusive VR worlds built by our community. Together, we can build VR apps that everyone can experience equally. 

Check out some of the resources below to learn more!


Hi Everyone,
I know that this device would be another Quest controller option but I would like to ask you what is your idea about the new Next-Mind device?  
More info here :
I think it could be good for people with limited mobility but my doubt is the following:
Is the right time to develop for Quest with this device?
Thanks for your time

Hi Dom

Maybe Next-Mind can help people with health problems by interacting VR controllers.

Please see this review .

Hope this helps you



Ps. We are very excited to integrate it soon into our VR Health project !!!

Hi Rod, I work for a UK charity for sports injured quadriplegics (Regain Sports Charity) we are looking a providing our beneficiaries with Oculus Quest headsets but are aware of the limitations of the touch controllers. How far have you got developing your chin/sip/puff device? Have you seen Quadstick? I'd be interested to run a few things passed you! I have managed to pair the Oculus to Xbox Adaptive controller but not figured how to map functions of trigger or grab to the XAC! Any ideas welcomed? Cheers,

Hi Dom,

Still working on it. I will have something soon.

Sent you a PM




Hi everyone..  I posted some months ago on this thread.

I did find this interface software which allows the oculus go to become more of an updated headset and allow for joystick control.

please like and subscribe if you are interested in keeping up with any other findings with the interface.



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Hi all!


It's awesome that Oculus has created Accessibility VRCs. It might not seem enough to cover the wide spectrum of accessibility, but it's actually a big deal and will increase accessibility for many players. I'm currently acting as a witness expert in a lawsuit by a deaf player against a VR Games Platform (not Oculus, ofc) because they don't include captions, which makes it impossible for this person to play the games. 


I wrote my Ph.D. on accessible subtitles for VR content ( Not specifically for video games, but for 360-degree video content. Still, the same UX design principles can be applied, although you have more freedom in video games. According to our research and user testing, most users prefer subtitles located in front of you and follow you if you move around. It's what Oculus calls "head-locked," meaning they move as the user’s head moves in their guidelines:


Oculus recommends using both head-locked and fixed position subtitles: "It is also important to explore options for movement such as whether the subtitles are head-locked, meaning they move as the user’s head moves, or whether they are locked in space, meaning they stay in a fixed location. We recommend a combination of both. When subtitles are locked in space, they can be used to focus the user’s attention."


However, are fixed subtitles fair to players with hearing loss? In theory, they are at a disadvantage because they are forced to stay in a position to read the subtitles while hearing participants can look around if they want to. I think from a UI design is nice, but from a UX not so sure. We would need to gather more feedback from end-users to be sure. I really like the implementation of the subtitles that appear in the explanatory video by Mari:


Thank you for all your efforts in making games more accessible!



Thanks advance