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Oculus for amputees

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I’m a doctor who works with amputees. I want to look at ways that VR can help amputees with their rehabilitation. 
I would find a way for the controller to be strapped on to the patients remaining limb, I.e at above elbow level. They would then be able to move the controller around. They would probably have limited ability to use the various buttons. 

What I want is the user to then see an entire limb with the headset on. So that the hand appears at a distance from them as if they had not lost the limb. 

My questions are: 
Is there any straightforward way of doing this so that current games/apps can be used. 

If not, we’re a new game or app developed, could this be incorporated? Is this a big undertaking? 

Does anyone know of any apps where the controllers control feet not hands? 


Thank you for your time.