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Some of my Research on Designing Modular 3D Interfaces for Virtual Reality


Hi all,

In a month ill be presenting my work at HCI International regarding a Modular 3D GUI system I've been developing as part of my PhD research. There is a short video below that I think may be of interest to you devs and hopefully spark some ideas around accessibility. It is video 1/3 that has been developed around my research, each with assocaited papers.

In addition, I have a paper being published soon regarding removing tremors for ray-based interaction that I touch on briefly at the start. Very passionate about VR dev and especially this domain, so would like to take this post as an opportunity for discussion around VR UI and Accessible design. 

Best of luck on your projects, copys of the pre-prints can be found in the description. Feel free to contact me on my website or twitter otherwise.


- Corrie