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Unable to Verify Developer Account with Two-Step enabled

Level 2

I’ve tried verifying my developer account via two-step verification and my phone number, but neither have worked.


This is what I usually have for the verification page, and what I have marked are the statuses of what I tried to do for verification.

5F72683B-EF7D-4BC4-BBEE-C52E8C14FB91.jpegHere is what I have on my account for the two step verification, and the Meta Developer portal says I haven’t activated it.

Also, for verifying my phone number on Facebook, their SMS systems aren’t responding to my phone number or any other phone number for that matter.


In conclusion, I cannot add a phone number to my Facebook account, and the Meta Developer portal can’t verify me even though two-step verification is on. Is there any way to fix this?


Level 3

I have the same issue. Did you solved it?