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Update features for neurodivergent individuals to access device.

Honored Guest

Where in the world is a find my device feature for when your headset hasn't been connected to wifi. It's been 10 days since my autistic son has lost his meta2 headset, we always tell him to turn it off at night not knowing it would bite us in the butt months down the road. If you look up trademarks of individuals with neurodivergencies(autism, ADHD ect) they lose **bleep** at an alarming rate. My autistic son is no stranger to that, but he has a habit where he always puts his headset and controllers in the same place every night before bed, imagine everyone's surprise when the next day it was missing, we've torn through our home desperate to find his headset and the best answer I can get from support is to go on these forums and make a post because developers SOMETIMES read through these for new development ideas🥴 


HERES MY IDEA META: add a find your headsets/controllers ability even when the device ISNT CONNECTED TO WIFI. You would save thousands of neurodivergent individuals and parents the frustration of not finding their device and having to buy a new one(which is ableist because not everyone is able to work to purchase a new device) or abandon the platform all together. 


It's beyond frustrating knowing that we can't afford to be able to replace the meta2 for my child, because not everyone in our house has the ability to work due to disabilities, it's frustrating that a single  adjustment added into the development could of saved everyone in my house dozens of meltdowns(each), could of saved my house from being ravaged by everyone trying to find this now useless paperweight in order to keep the peace and harmony. As it stands we'll have to abandon the platform because we cannot afford to replace what is lost.