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Virtual Glasses

I'm not certain if this counts as accessibility or not, but it's in the same ball park. If all glasses do is warp the way that light hits our eyes to make our vision clearer, then do you think it would be possible to code a VR headset to take a glass...


I am looking to getting this for my son who has Nystagmus My son is legally blind with vision 20/200 with glasses on. Is there a recommendation of apps that you would advise?Or do you think he will not be able to use this device? Should I look at the...

Oculus quest 3 pin

My phone updated and uninstalled my app. When I reinstalled it, it was no longer connected to my headset. I can’t remember my pin and to reset it, it’s saying it has to connect to my app. The app needs the pin to connect. It’s just sending me in a ci...

About Local Pricing

I would like to convey to you a finding that I consider important about Local Pricing. Look, I live in Turkey and used Oculus Rift, then Quest. And now I'm using Quest 2. I regret to say that during the period I used these three devices, I purchased ...

Two-step verification

Two-step verification it’s not letting me into Instagram, I’ve tried every back up code that I have none of them work I do not have the same cell phone number that I did before I’ve been trying to login with Facebook in my email I know the password I...

Lman419 by Level 2
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Natural Hand Tremor - Cant Aim!

I have a natural hand tremor that is very mild, but these controllers are so sensitive, that every little vibration sends my aim into chaos at distances, to the point that I'd call it ridiculous. I am quite accurate with a real gun, even one handed, ...

Anistad by Level 2
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Among us app

I pre-ordered Among Us but when it came out it made me spend $10 for the game again and I didn't get the pre-order bonus. How can I fix this problem?

Tremor Damping

I have an essential tremor aggravated by a pinched nerve, and a friend I introduced to Metaquest 2 for physical therapy (boxing) has Parkinson's. Both of us have tremendous difficulty navigating with the laser pointer or typing on a virtual keyboard....

Sons a quadriplegic

My son is a quadriplegic. I have the Oculus 2. Question, could I cast to a phone/TV and I use the hand controllers while he wears the headset and set up/ control VR videos for him if we are both in the operating space set up? Also Suggestions on head...

Hand Tracking Accessibility

Just wanted to submit the potential for better accessibility for people missing fingers. Hand tracking is amazing to watch with friends and family use, but it would be awesome to be able to turn off select fingers to allow for hand tracking to functi...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Oculus VR for Galaxy Note 10 plus 5G

I have owned every Samsung Galaxy Note from the first to the 20 ultra. I have about six cell phones that I have bought for my employees. The only phone that I really I'm concerned about is the Galaxy Note 10 plus that is my personal phone. Apparently...

Two Oculus Quest 2 Devices

Please forgive me if this has been answered. I searched for a while but couldn't find a clear response. I have one Oculus Quest 2 Device for my child. I plan to purchase a second Oculus Quest 2 Device for my second child. Will I have to purchase the ...

Adjusting the game for different body sizes

Hi Everyone,I wanted to know about player heights. We are developing games for Vr and we are looking at what is the best way to match players' height. For example, someone with a small body size should be able to reach the same things ingame as someo...

Tembac by Level 3
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