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Quest app portrait - landscape

I use an iPad attached to a keyboard. Whenever an app can only be viewed in portrait mode, I have to turn it around and hold it awkwardly while using the app. If I want to type something, I have to turn it back to landscape and twist my neck to see w...

Update gone wrong

So I’ve been trying to connect my account for hours cause of the switch from oculus app a year ago. I haven’t played my quest in over a year and then there is this massive switch to the meta format. I have been trying to pair it but it won’t use my o...

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Lens or fullscreen zoom feature

Hello, i'm a visually impaired quest 2 user.I was wondering if there was any planned testing to introduce a zoom function to enlarge portions of the screen in windows or fullscreen vr apps, as without zoom, some text gets very hard or impossible to r...

What is the difference between the VR vs AR ?

VR: Virtual Reality (VR) offers a fully simulated experience in a virtual environment, entirely separate from the user’s physical surroundings. Users typically wear VR headsets that immerse them in a computer-generated world, isolating them from the ...

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Give a voice to the voiceless

Can we give a voice to the voiceless in group forums by utilizing the hand tracking utility to read sign language and voice processing to enable those voiceless to communicate easily with others seamlessly during platform use. I do believe it's possi...

Updating app

hello, a while ago i got fnaf vr and i did not understand that i needed to update the app when it asked me, now i dont see as many thinga as other people see in game because i never updated, and it is now not allowing me to update so now i am just st...

Comfort Feature

Suggestion for quest2 feature.When an image has black background and light elements, lens create reflection due to how lcd and fresnel works. By turning that black color to a dark gray, the reflection would disappear. You could implement some type of...

Alvy.200 by Honored Guest
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