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Can't add game to wishlist

Sorry if there was a better section but I couldn't find it. When I play a game to test it for a limited time and go to the store to add it to my wishlist, I can't find the option to do so, only to games that I haven't installed/played yet. The same p...

Rafiktc by Explorer
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Resolved! Meta Community Forums (Line Hight)

Hi,I just want you to consider the dubble line hight, when pressing enter starting a new line here in the forum.It just seems strange when you want to explain something by bullet point, like this:1. lalala2.ahhahha3. okay why thhe dubble line hight B...

Does an e-mail email address exist for.....?

Does an email address for someone of whom I can contact to work in HORIZON WORLDS? I own the oculus/meta quest 2. I believe the title is world admin? or world monitor? If I am misspoken, please help let me know.If I am able to, I would like to send m...

BUGLETK by Honored Guest
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Oculus for amputees

Hi, I’m a doctor who works with amputees. I want to look at ways that VR can help amputees with their rehabilitation. I would find a way for the controller to be strapped on to the patients remaining limb, I.e at above elbow level. They would then be...

Controlling Oculus Video from PC

I want to project the video I opened on the computer to Oculus VR glasses. The person will wear VR glasses and the person in front of the computer will start the video. I wonder if this is possible?

UmtUzn by Honored Guest
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I am looking to getting this for my son who has Nystagmus My son is legally blind with vision 20/200 with glasses on. Is there a recommendation of apps that you would advise?Or do you think he will not be able to use this device? Should I look at the...

Hoopzzss by Honored Guest
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Update gone wrong

So I’ve been trying to connect my account for hours cause of the switch from oculus app a year ago. I haven’t played my quest in over a year and then there is this massive switch to the meta format. I have been trying to pair it but it won’t use my o...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Hey my instagram got disabled and I keep trying to appeal there decision but it won’t let me send none at all please help me @instagram

day.30575 by Honored Guest
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Give a voice to the voiceless

Can we give a voice to the voiceless in group forums by utilizing the hand tracking utility to read sign language and voice processing to enable those voiceless to communicate easily with others seamlessly during platform use. I do believe it's possi...