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Community Manager
Community Manager

Hear ye, hear ye! The first edition of Meta Monthly is here. A lot is happening and we want to have one place to share it with you all hot off the presses every month.

Let’s catch up on what’s been going on.

First off, PTC v57 came out last week and a lot of it was continuing discussions on top issues that were brought to our attention. Thanks to everyone who replied and shared their experiences. We flagged it to the team and they are working diligently to fix the reported bugs and issues.

The top issues continuing to get discussed:

PTC v56+57 - Flashing white/colored pixel artifact problem (introduced around v53 with some improvements made in v56)

As well as other latest top tagged posts:

PTC 57 - Unable to allow Bluetooth Device in Companion Device Manager
PTC V57 Face/Eye tracking in Home environment

If you have any additional feedback to add onto these or any of the tagged v57 posts, share your thoughts and we’ll get them to the team. You can find the megathread on it here.

On another note, some cool announcements that came through last month were game launches such as ‘I Expect You To Die 3’ and developer interviews for others such as ‘Project Terminus VR’ a post-apocalyptic survival horror game.

To keep in the know go to our Announcements section or straight to our official Meta Quest Blog to get all the details.

Connect is almost here!

Meta Connect is returning this month on September 27th! It will be a 2-day event that’s both in person at our headquarters in Menlo Park and online, that includes getting streamed live on various social channels so you can tune in from anywhere.

The action-packed two days will include a keynote hosted by Mark Zuckerberg, a Developer State of the Union and breakout sessions that cover hot topics related to AI, virtual, augmented and mixed reality. They’ll be in-depth looks at new Meta products (psst…Quest 3 *cough*) and looks into the latest on AI and XR.

Sign up at to keep up to date on the latest updates on the event.

MVPs are here to stay

As you’re going around the forums, you may have noticed our MVP program getting under way. Our MVPs are out there helping to get your questions answered and keeping the pulse on what you all are asking for. We couldn’t be more thankful for their work.

Behind the scenes we’ve also been having a great time connecting through our weekly Walkabout Mini Golf games. This is where the group chats about all things VR, games, community and much more.

(Picture credit: @kojack)

We’re currently opening spots for those to join us and actively recruiting. If you are active or you know of someone else who is and would be a great fit, send a PM to @Ryanality or @neurodivrgent with your VR background and why you’d like to join us.

We’d love to hear it and are open to all suggestions!

That wraps it up for our first installment of this September Meta Monthly. Looking forward to seeing you next month!