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Community Manager
Community Manager


The Meta Quest Forum Week in Review is a new installment to celebrate YOU our community members on what's been going throughout the week. We recognize all the great discussions and much more that you do to make the forums awesome. This is a shoutout to everyone! Even if you're not on the list below, you still make the forums amazing and we want to let you know your contributions are appreciated. 

Top topics this week:

PTC v63 Release Thread - @Ryanality 
(Not Resolved) Known Issue - V62/63 USB-C Debris/Water Warning@Star.Knight 
PTC v63 Scoped Storage Update - @SlashAndBurn
PTC v64 Release Thread - @Ryanality 
PTC v63 - DCS crashes on Link(Not Resolved) - @arrow11crash 
Known Issue - Quest PCVR streaming micro lags and stutter esp. when moving head@acreed11 

Top kudoed members:

Choleni - 58
TomCgcmfc - 29
DaftnDirect - 22
Hiro_Protag0nist - 17
nalex66 - 13
EdLuva72 - 12
Greyman - 11
kojack - 8
Hirothefox - 8
JeffNik - 7

Honorable Mention Posts: Check them out and join in on the conversation! wasn't meant ending like this by @Choleni 
Meta Will Share the Quest OS with Asus, Lenovo and MS by @kojack 
Will a Knowledge of XR give teenagers a headstart over those who don't use it? by @Hiro_Protag0nist 

Thanks everyone for making the forums great! Till next week. See you in the forums!


Nice to see such active and enthusiastic communty engaged on daily basis.

Since I got my MQ3 and turned to Meta official web, blog and Meta community forums, the experience was great.

So glad to be part of this wave of VR enthusiasm and progress, let's keep this going!

Community Manager
Community Manager

We love to hear it @mariocro! Thanks so much for being a part of this awesome community. You are always welcome here with open arms. Welcome, welcome!