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Community Manager


Another week, another chance to celebrate YOU, our awesome community members with an installment of our Meta Quest Forum Week in Review. This is a post to gather some of the forum's top happenings during the past week and to celebrate some of the awesome discussions you've all been creating. Even if you're not on here, this post is a shout out to everyone. Every person makes this community great!

Top Topics last week:

TIP: How to remove your Facebook account from your Meta account@deejeevee 
PTC v63 Scoped Storage Update - @SlashAndBurn 
Quest 3 controller not working at all - @pontiacjeff468 
Factory reset device and "No command" message - @Avery_isdop309 
Where is the 5 digit code (setup)?@roxyz 

Top kudoed members:

Choleni - 200
kojack - 92
Hiro_Protag0nist - 73
DaftnDirect - 71
TomCgcmfc - 66
oculusness - 47
RuneSR2 - 41
Greyman - 32
EdLuva72 - 24
J40NYR - 23

Honorable Mention Posts: Check them out and join in on the conversation!

Video Game Characters: Who are you asking to dinner? (respectfully) by @WootM4ge 
Spatial Video on the Quest by @Hiro_Protag0nist
Google Earth VR on Oculus Quest 2 by @Oculistica 
Survey: How has VR affected your mental health? by @jl444.20 

Thanks everyone! Till next week. See you around the  forums!