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Community Manager


May is flying by, but that's no stopping us from celebrating another week full of great happenings here on the forums! This past week has been a good one with discussions happening all around. This post is here to highlight and give thanks to YOU all who have been participating and doing great things. Even if you're not named on here, know that we see you and appreciate you. If you are on here, even bigger kudos to you!

Top Topics last week:

Is this spam or a
PTC v63 Release Thread@Ryanality
PTC v66 Release Thread@neurodivrgent 
PTC v63 Scoped Storage Update@SlashAndBurn
Meta Quest 3 Device already connected to account@Zombieice 

Top kudoed members:

Choleni - 29
DaftnDirect - 19
oculusness - 19
TomCgcmfc - 18
Buetigame - 14
Hiro_Protag0nist - 11
Chickennuggetbutterfly23 - 9
MetaAdministrator2 - 9
MoonstoneWolf7 - 8
tomhorn123 - 8

Honorable Mention Posts: Check them out and join in on the conversation!

Can Meta Quest pro be used by people who are disabled? by @chaplainpete.2024
Bigger roomscale for Rift CV1 concept. by @oculusness 

Thanks everyone for making this week great! See you around the forums!