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Community Manager


Did everyone have a good week? Well we sure did here on these forums, thanks to YOU! Big ups to our awesome community members. We've been having great discussions and so much more during the week. This post is here to gather some of the forum's top happenings and to celebrate the awesome posts you've all been creating. If you're not on the list this time around, don't fret. You're still part of the community and that's what matters most and if you did make it, big cheers to you! Every contribution makes this community great. 

Top Topics last week:

PTC v63 Release Thread@Ryanality
Factory reset device and "No command" message@Avery_isdop309
Meta Quest build v65 release notes - @neurodivrgent
New meta account device code not working@PTGGamer7114AB
quest 2 not connecting to pc suddenly@Marf._ 

Top kudoed members:

DaftnDirect - 42
Choleni - 36
RuneSR2 - 24
Hiro_Protag0nist - 20
dudziakl - 13
Buetigame - 9
TomCgcmfc - 8
nalex66 - 7
h.r.gargi - 6
Koala2277 - 6

Honorable Mention Posts: Check them out and join in on the conversation!

Whitewater VR: Extreme Kayaking Adventure has launched - and is great after the latest patch by @RuneSR2 
Warning: there are mirrors of this forum out there! by @DaftnDirect 
3D printed trigger extension by @mrgreen.oc 

Thanks everyone for making this week great! See you around the forums!