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Horizon Workrooms is moving to Meta accounts

Retired Support

Ahoy, everyone! We have some new information for our friends using Horizon Workrooms! A lot of you have been transitioning over to Meta Accounts recently, and as we've started to roll that migration to everyone, we feel it's imperative you know the details, what a meta account is, and what you should do to prepare for the migration. Without further ado, rev up those fryers and get ready to delve into Workrooms!

What to expect

On August 30, 2022, users will be signed out of Workrooms and asked to create a Meta account to log back in. Don't worry, as frightening as that sounds, we'll help guide you through the process and help you migrate across your existing workrooms, including any associated files.

How to prepare

First thing's first is to plan ahead - check your calendar. If you have meetings planned on or after August 30th, make sure you and your team factor in time to set up your new Meta account and migrate your workrooms. Keep in mind, this may take several minutes. Be sure you're coordinating with all participants to make sure everyone has created their Meta account and migrated their workrooms in advance. The last thing you'd want is to be waiting in a room full of executives because Jeremy is still migrating his account.

What's a Meta account?

A Meta account is brand-spankin'-new technology! It's a new way to sign up for Workrooms and other Meta VR products, giving you more choice about how you access VR. You heard that right, needing a Facebook account to use that new Quest 2 grandma got you is a thing of the past! You can use the email of your choice to log in, letting you separate your social accounts from work with ease. Isn't that great?

What else can I do with a Meta account?

With this new-fangled Meta account tech all the kids are using these days, you can do all sorts of cool things with it! One thing in particular is the ability to join a meeting with a single click from your headset all without needing to pair your device. This means you can see all your workrooms in one place if you have multiple accounts!



Alright, denizens of the VR era, that was all the information we have to update you with! Please send us questions, comments, and even your favorite clips as you explore Workrooms. Should you need any pointers, we've created a support article to answer some of your burning questions. We hope you all have a jolly good time collaborating across the open seas of the internet, so hoist the anchor, lower the sails, and prepare to set off on new adventures - Workrooms awaits!

Keep on collaborating because remember - sharing is caring!

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