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Introducing Meta Accounts: A New Login for VR

Community Manager
Community Manager

Coming in August 2022, we’ll begin rolling out Meta accounts, a new way for people to log into their VR headsets that doesn’t require a Facebook account. 


Your Meta account is not a social media profile; it lets you log into your VR devices and view and manage your purchased apps in one place. You can also add your Meta account to the same Accounts Center as your Facebook or Instagram account to unlock connected experiences across Meta technologies — like finding your Facebook friends to play games with in VR or chatting with friends on Messenger. 


To learn more, check out our blog post.



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Level 7

Great! Good move.

Intel i7-7700K, 32GB RAM - nVidia GTX 1070 Amp Edition 8GB GDDR5. Link Cable via powered extension.

Level 2

What happens if we don't agree to the updated terms?

Having bought the device in good faith according to the terms as they existed at the time, you can't change the terms and require us to accept them or to stop using the device without some kind of compensation; that's not legal under contract law in the UK.

Mind The Gap

Level 4

Looks like i got 5 months to sale my VR headset and get maybe a Valve GG oculus.

Level 4

Good news. I'll need to read the t&c carefully but there's now an outside chance I won't get rid of my Rift before the end of the year.

Level 3

And your still asking for all of our personal information to just play video games. Like why

Level 6

Presumably owners of older Oculus devices like the Rift and Rift S will be able to return their headsets for a full refund in January 2023 when you close down Oculus accounts.


Surely nobody believes Facebook will maintain separate data universes for Meta and Facebook.

Level 4

Just saw the announcement on my Headset. 

Great News and sooner than i thought.

Level 10

Thank you. Now I'll finally be able to upgrade to a Quest 2.

Level 3

You say a Meta account is not a social media profile but it requires registration on the horizons social media platform making that an obviously dishonest statement unless I have been misled about an Horizons account being mandatory?

I need to know whether I will be able to use my original Quest headset privately, privately play the games I have purchased on that headset without being a member of any of your social platforms?

With the possible exception of IP I have no problem with your company having my private information or activity while using the headset but I have no interest in social VR or multiplayer games.

Further having completed studies at university including law and ethics for health professionals which inform me that aspects of the social platform being created will have negative psychological effects on the people using it I can not in good conscience be seen to support it.