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Introducing Meta Accounts: A New Login for VR

Community Manager
Community Manager

Coming in August 2022, we’ll begin rolling out Meta accounts, a new way for people to log into their VR headsets that doesn’t require a Facebook account. 


Your Meta account is not a social media profile; it lets you log into your VR devices and view and manage your purchased apps in one place. You can also add your Meta account to the same Accounts Center as your Facebook or Instagram account to unlock connected experiences across Meta technologies — like finding your Facebook friends to play games with in VR or chatting with friends on Messenger. 


To learn more, check out our blog post.



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Level 3

I spoke with several people by reopening an old Oculus ticket and have been repeatedly assured that their is no obligation to join any form of social platform if you do not require social interaction. I really pushed it to make certain there was no misunderstanding, no grey area. It will apparently be pretty much the same as it is using an Oculus account now.

Level 3

Any indication of when this will be going live? I have a new Quest 2 and an oculus account and I would like to get started using it. I noticed the price hike happened overnight and thankfully purchased before that happened.

Level 2

Monday 1 august, still need FB account?

same here, Meta Account when?! 
Also can't I just make some BS FB account and then de-couple it when Meta accounts arrive?! cuz I mainly wanna use it for PCVR and don't really have to buy games for the quest 2 itself right away...

yep, go to the app to register my new quest 2 and facebook is the only option. (already logged in with this occulus account but that's not enough for quest 2)

Level 5

Just wait for tuesday...

And maybe it's smart to wait a little longer 😉

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just curious, it was said that the new Meta sign in for Iculis quest was going to be rolled in August without the need for a Facebook account, we’ll it is August 10 and last I check Oculus Quest 2 is still asking me to create a Facebook account to sign in on the platform.

any idea when the new nonFacebook sign OBS are coming in effect?


thank you

Level 4

Meta, one platform to rule them all! I think replacing Facebook with a meta account login requirement is a splendid idea that I support seven fold!!! Very good strategic master mind of an idea and I thank you very much!!!!!!!!!!!!

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So it's 12th of August and still nothing... Any news when and how? I reda all the blog info, rules. Everything no infromation how. And when i tryed create new acc it says I need facebook. 

@Anonymous  A little birdie told me end of next week.

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