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Community Manager
Community Manager

As the Winter months begin to melt away, we spring into a new happenings here in the Meta Quest Forums and for the Meta Quest. March brought us some cool new things in regards to a PTC, game, plus software updates and more.

Here we’ll highlight some of those happenings as well as shout out some community members who’ve made this month in the forums great!

Community Celebrations


Last month we awarded our Devotee badge to a community member. This prestigious badge is saved for those who have logged into the forums at least once every day for the entire year. 

The sole earner of this badge is community member @Choleni, who is also a part of our amazing MVP team. Such a great feat to be honored for. We appreciate you being with us rain or shine @Choleni!

This month’s Quest Feel Good Story…

Goes out to @Agamemnon2  for this awesome thread on how Real Fishing VR brought together a dream for their family. Check out the post here. Thanks for sharing your positive experience on the forums!

One PTC and One Release


Last month was spiked with some major features as we launched another PTC last month to the community. Again as always, thank you to those who gave their feedback and participated. We monitor these threads closely to quickly give feedback to the team.


For our v63 release we had 2 major updates that we’d love to know how you’ve been liking: Quest cash and Lying Down. Leave a comment below to let us know!


Game Updates

Electronic Music’s Hottest Duo comest to Beat Saber!

On March 7th, with the ushering in of Daft Punk into the Beat Saber musical world you’ll be Beat Sabering some of dance music’s most iconic electronic music hits from this french duo. Prepare to not miss a beat as you can purchase songs like “Around the World”, “Get Lucky”, “Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger” and more. It’s sure to be a night of fun whether you’re playing with friends or by yourself.  

For more details, check out the Meta blog post here.

Top Mindfulness App makes it to VR with Headspace XR Launch

As one of the top leading apps in the mindfulness space, Headspace is making its mission to improve access to lifelong mental health support. Through this they’ve brought a version of their app to VR that includes an immersive mindfulness space where you can play, move, meditate or just explore with friends.

The writers on the Meta Quest blog team got to sit down with Headspace Vice President of Content Creation. Read about the interview and learn more about the new App here

‘Survivor: Horizon Island’ makes it to Quest

A Launch Party and Community Events like play sessions every Wednesday are now happening after the launch of ‘Survivor: Horizon Island’ in Meta Horizon Worlds on Quest last month. Have a blast jumping into the world at any time of the day to play, hang out and explore and even test your skills in iconic Survivor challenges and more. If you loved the show or are eager to try it out, you don’t want to miss this! 

Original blog post on the Meta Blog here

And that's what we've got for you all for this month. We'll see you all next month for the next installment of the Meta Monthly!

P.S. We're also featuring your Meta Quest Tips, Tricks and Hacks in each of our newsletters starting this month. Go to Talk VR and add to the thread that we'll restart each month so you can be featured here! There's so much. Can't wait to see you in the forums!

Leave in the comments below what launches you are excited for as Spring comes.