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Cue song instrumentals…and go.... “L is for the way you look at me.”

How does it feel when you look into those sweet pancake lenses and play your favorite VR game? Now that has to be some form of love right? Or at least light up the same receptors in  that ballpark region of the brain while you play.

Well since February is the month of love in many places around the world, let’s give a shoutout to all things we’re loving that happened last month.

💌 Stranger Things VR Launch: Feb 22


Not to sound dramatic, but who doesn’t love Stranger Things? Step into the Upside Down by ordering an already launched Stranger Things VR game that came out at the end of last month. You’ll see the world from a brand new perspective of Venca which will reveal storyline twists and turns as you dive deeper into the game.


So much more will be revealed, check out the Meta Quest blog that graces us with top 5 things fans can look forward to in the reveal of Stranger Things VR.

💌 Lights Out - Among Us VR Events


One, two, three…LIGHTS OUT! Have you ever played a game like that? Well that’s the name of Among Us VR’s first ever event and the first of many planned, as stated by the games’ developers. What started in February is going on until this month, where you’ll be able to hop into a tug-of-war style mode where Crewmates battle imposters to keep the lights on. (Get it?) 


Check out the Meta Blog to get more details.

💌 I Repeat, Ghosts of Tabor Launched. I Repeat. Ghosts of Tabor Launched!

Blog writer Lisa already announced the launch, but you know we had to do it again in our Monthly Newsletter. On February 8, marked the day Ghosts of Tabor VR officially launched on Meta Quest. The content team does a great interview with   Combat Waffle Studios CEO Scott Albright and Chief Media Officer Duncan McClure to discuss the game’s official launch, their respective paths into the industry, bringing survival mechanics to life in VR, and the importance of App Lab to the game’s development.


Check out the article here on the Meta Blog.

💌 PTC v63 Release


The PTC v63 Release Thread was posted last month by @Ryanality. Thank you to everyone as always who continues to contribute to the testing out of the headset of the latest features before release to the public. There have been instances of games not being able to load, and a few others. If you run into anything, please file a bug or submit a reply directly into the PTC thread and we’ll get to our top priority issues as quickly to the engineering team as possible.  


That is all for our February edition folks! We ❤️ U!