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Community Manager
Community Manager

January kicked off the year right in the Quest world of VR, especially when it comes to software and game titles. Need a recap of some of the month’s big releases? Well look no further, this month’s newsletter will do just that.

Walkabout Mini Golf

Creative concept drawings were brought to life in the most magical way by the developers and designers of Walkabout MIni Golf. We urge you to try out an MVP fan favorite golf course that was just released in this popular game!

To not spoil it, all we’ll say is: hot air balloons + Eiffel Tower + a world fair = putting epicness.

For more details check out the Meta blog!


Bulletstorm, a combat-focused first person shooter originally released in 2011 has now released Bulletstorm VR! Playthrough as the legendary Trisha Novak while dual wielding Energy Blade weapons in two brand new levels created just for VR.

The Meta Quest blog was able to sit down with Senior Producer Honorata Najda-Szajewska and Senior Programmer Piotr Bienkowski to chat about the game. You don’t want to miss it here!


Asgard’s Wrath 2

If you haven’t yet tried Asgard’s Wrath 2, you are missing out on trying out Road to VR’s voted, “Best Game of the Year”. With graphics and game mechanics to boot, you’re sure to understand how it’s got it’s numerous awards as you playthrough puzzles, massive scale combat and so much more.

On the Meta Quest blog, they gracefully published a pretty extensive player’s guide that should help you on your way to conquer epic boss battles. 


Build v.62 Released

As always, a big thank you to everyone who is getting us feedback for the version software updates. If you haven’t seen it yet, @Ryanality has posted up both the Release Notes and PTC threads. Some of the highlights are Spatial Video, Gamepad support and a simplified quick actions menu when using hands. There’s so much more, so make sure to check out the release notes and get your Quest headset geared up for the latest.

Alright folks, that’s it for this month’s Meta Monthly. Remember, these are just some of the highlights. To catch more, keep up on our Announcements blog for up-to-date happenings. Cheers and see you next month!