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Community Manager

As we head further into the “ber” months, October officially comes to a close. Since it’s the month after Quest 3’s awaited launch, there has been a lot happening in terms of game releases and throughout the forums.

Here we’ll do our monthly recap:

Games Galore

There have been a number of games that have been optimized for Quest 3’s new tech stack. Check out our Meta Quest Blog for full details. We’ll make sure to share some of the highlights here.

Dungeons of Eternity

This game launched on October 5th with raving reviews! Hack-n-slash takes on a new meaning in VR with Dungeons of Eternity: swing swords, throw axes, use bows, wield magic staffs, and more to make it out alive. With the power of VR, you will be immersed in a fantasy adventure like no other.

Play in either COOP or Solo mode by banding together for an unforgettable cooperative experience with up to 3 players, or delve into the dungeons yourself. Explore randomly-generated dungeons across multiple game modes and realms - no dungeon run is the same!

There are so many features to the game, check it out today!


It happened during Connect, but if you missed it, Roblox officially launched its immersive games and social experiences newly optimized for VR. Players now have their favorite game for use with our headset and we’re here for it! It’s the game that lets you explore and share experiences with friends in several modes: multiplayer, Co-op and Single User. With over 66 million daily active users, you’re sure to discover something new with each game play!

If you’re looking for more, check out Announcement Board on the forums as well as the blog post, “Meta Quest 3: All the Games + Apps to Explore on Day One” on our Meta Quest blog. There you’ll find all the Day One launch games to try out and other releases!

Rock n’ Roll expands on Beat Saber!

Hackney Diamonds, the Rolling Stones’ first original studio album since 2005 recently released and Beat Saber is helping celebrate! The band is partnering with Beat Saber to bring The Rolling Stones Music Pack to Meta Quest 2, 3, and Pro.

Some tunes you can expect are their new singles: “Angry”, “Bite My Head Off ft. Paul McCartney” and more.

For more information go to the Meta Quest blog post that talks all about it.

PTC v59 Release Thread and Release Notes

On Oct 11, 2023 the PTC v59 Release thread was published announcing the start of the rollout. Thanks to everyone who participated in the discussion and continues to give us feedback. As you know this feedback is extremely helpful to the engineering teams. We appreciate the time you take to test the software out and submit your feedback.

We also want to note, the Release notes for v59 have been posted as well. You can find them linked here or go to the Announcements Board to find them posted from last month. Some features you can find on there are: Chat improvements, Hand tracking improvements in mixed reality, Avatar legs and more.

We don’t want to spoil it, so make sure to check out the post for more details!

368292071_984468875981631_3228409237004328169_n (1).jpg


Lastly, the MVP squad is still opening its doors until the end of the year! If you or someone you know thinks they’d be a great fit, reach out to @Ryanality or @neurodivrgent.

Thanks everyone and see you all next month!