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Meta Quest Build v47 Release Notes

Community Manager
Community Manager

These features and enhancements will become available starting the week of November 28th, 2022 and will be pushed to Meta Quest Pro, Meta Quest 2 and Meta Quest headsets.

Background Audio Playback (Meta Quest Pro only)

We’re adding a new experimental feature that will allow you to listen to your favorite tunes or podcast in the background. This will be available on Browser as well as Progressive Web Applications (PWAs).

  • This will be rolling out gradually.

Mixed Reality Capture (Meta Quest Pro only)

Share the magic of mixed reality with friends and family. On Meta Quest Pro devices, you'll now be able to capture photos and videos while using mixed reality in Passthrough.

  • This will be rolling out gradually.

Media Sync

We’re making it easier to view, edit and share your photos and videos you capture in VR. Media will now automatically sync to the Meta Quest mobile app from your headset.

  • You can turn this off by going to Camera settings and disabling the Sync Media to Meta Quest Mobile App setting.

Meta Quest mobile app updates

We’re improving performance across the Meta Quest mobile app and adding new features.

  • You can start, find, and jump into a multiplayer session with your friends directly from the home screen.
  • We revamped the device management screen to make it easier to know when your headset needs to be charged.

Shareable Wishlists

With this update, you will be able to make your app wishlist public and send a link to friends and family. You can modify your wishlist from the Store tab on your headset or the Meta Quest mobile app.

  • Friends and family will be able to directly gift apps from your wishlist.
  • You can also purchase Meta Quest Digital Gift Cards which are redeemable for any app or game in the Meta Quest Store.

View and Edit Avatar in Meta Horizon Home

We’ve added the ability to view and edit your avatar in your Home. You’ll now see your avatar’s arms and hands when in your Home, and if you haven’t created your avatar yet, you’ll see a default avatar. You can also view and edit your avatar by interacting with the new mirror we’ve added to Home. This will be rolling out gradually and will be initially available in 4 environments (Desert Terrace, Space Station, Winter Lodge, Cascadia).

  • In addition, you can now move around in your Home even when the Universal Menu is open. Press your controller thumbstick forward to see a set of potential hotspots, then aim at one of the hotspots and release the thumbstick to teleport.
  • We are also updating the Avatar Editor. This will also be rolling out gradually.

Universal Menu Customization

We want to reduce the time it takes for you to get into the action when you put on your headset. You can now pin and unpin apps from your library to your Universal Menu for quicker access to your favorite games and experiences. Hover over apps in your library and select the vertical three dots button to see the option to pin to your Universal Menu.

  • This will be rolling out gradually.

Accept Follower Requests from Invites

We’ve made it easier to accept follower requests by adding a button to the notification you receive when someone requests to follow you.

Capture Controller Shortcut

You can now capture images and videos using a controller shortcut.

  • To quickly take a photo, hold the Meta Quest button then press the right controller trigger.
  • To quickly record a video, hold the Meta Quest button then long-press the right controller trigger.

Meta Quest Pro Touch Controllers

v47 will also unlock Meta Quest Pro Touch Controllers compatibility with Quest 2. These self-tracked controllers feature TruTouch haptics and fine motor controls like precision pinch motion, joystick, and stylus tip, for even more intuitive VR experiences.

Camera Panel

The Sharing panel where you share captured content from is now called the Camera panel.

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Level 3

Will there be an option in the avatar editor to disable avatar with hands if I don't need it? Or maybe there is already such an opportunity? I really liked that only controllers were present in Quest Home earlier in v46, and I and many other people really want to see the opportunity to turn on only them again

Level 3

Recording videos with shortcut doesn't work at least in Quest Home, but works with making screenshots


Yeah. I've only seen the impression that it's disgusting about the growing arms... 😥

Level 7

Still no reports of the Pro controller working with Quest2. 😩

EDIT: It works now!

Level 4

Thanks for the update. Can you look into the Passthrough glitches though. I have started to notice a really nasty passthrough glitch occurring only recently... most likely since the v47 update. This happened to me in the main home area on the Quest 2 and in a game featuring passthrough. It's an immediate... turn passthrough off and get out of here moment, with both eyes doing different glitches. Nasty.

This new update disabled the developer mode. I have to disable the proximity sensor since its malfunctioning. with the mobile app update I can no longer do that. Among many other pointless things Ive observed, I dont see why thats even a thing. In fact,. its quite rediculous!! I know that its tough to learn as you go and this tech is still fairly new and complex, but the lack of basic customer care and thoughtlessness is more apparent as time goes on. Its a shame because Meta could really be the company at the forefront and cutting edge of this industry, yet they fall short where it really matters most. One can only enjoy being the only kid on the block for so long before others step up to the plate.

@Nykrinthederrrty  Do you really need a developer mode/account?  I needed it in the early days of Q1 wireless with Virtual Desktop and SideQuest.  However, after VD became a mainstream/supported Quest app, most good SideQuest apps appeared as easy to get AppLab apps from the Quest store, and the introduction and improvements with Air Link, I have not found any need for a Developer account (or VD for that matter) and cancelled my developer account a few months ago.  Maybe you have good reasons to want this?  Unless you are an actual developer, I doubt it, lol!

I think that Oculus/Meta has been in the forefront of VR (standalone and PCVR) for quite some time.  No one has invested more $'s into advancing all this.  I do agree with most users that we do need some competition in order to further advance VR/AR/MR and really make it mainstream.  Hopefully this will gradually occur over the next 5 years (eg. Pico, Sony, Samsung, Apple, Valve, Pimax).  In the meantime, please don't cr*p in the bed you're sleeping in, lol!

Sorry to go off topic; I have now got v47 on both my Q2, QPro, and Oculus desktop app.  For wireless PCVR with Air Link everything seems to be working great with both headsets.

i9 9900k, rtx3090, 32 Gb ram, 1tb ssd, 4tb hdd. xi hero wifi mb, 750w psu, QPro w/Air Link, Vive Pro

Sorry not to be rude, but did you not read why he needs devloper mode; the proximity sensor is broken (you know, the one that detect if you have your headset on) so he needs to disable it to workaround the issue. This has nothing todo with airllink, virtual desktop, or network at all. 😃 


But I'd imagine he would be happy if you know any other way around this.