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Meta Quest build 49.0 release notes

Community Manager
Community Manager

These features and enhancements will become available starting the week of January 19th, 2023 and will be pushed to Meta Quest Pro, Meta Quest 2 and Meta Quest headsets.

Explore new Home environments

We’re adding two new Home environments to explore and we're also making it easier to move around in your Home. You can now explore more of your Home environment and you can rotate your view when you have the universal menu open.

Our new Home environments include:

  • Polar Village: Explore snow-capped cottages, the majesty of a winter’s (early) morn, the light of flickering fireplaces and the awe-inspiring aurora borealis.
  • Abstraction: Step outside the boundaries of reality, with an explosion of color and amorphous blobs!

Parental supervision on Family Center

We’re making it easier to set up and manage parental supervision tools for Meta Quest with the new Family Center. On Family Center, you can get answers to common questions, discover what parental supervision tools are available and make changes to existing settings.

Parents can also invite teens to set up parental supervision on their accounts on Family Center.

Do Not Disturb for Immersive Experiences

We’ve added a new Do Not Disturb mode in v49 that, once activated, silences notifications while you’re in 3-dimensional games and apps. You can find this setting in System Settings > Notifications > Do Not Disturb. Keep in mind that certain critical notifications (examples: party invites, battery status) will still be displayed.

Accessibility settings for Meta Quest mobile app

We are adding our accessibility settings to the Meta Quest mobile app, increasing the ease-of-use and ease-of-access for accessibility settings in your VR experience.

Secure payment updates

When buying games or making in-app purchases in VR, you can now use the Meta Quest mobile app to pass the 3DS (SCA) authentication step of the checkout.

Universal menu updates

We’re giving the universal menu a visual refresh. We’re also adding a fourth app to your app history, and an active app indicator that shows your current open apps.

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Level 3

The only relevant feature of this update would be the ability to disable the avatar arms and go back to the ghost hands. Is this ability implemented? I'll hold back on updating until I can use the ghost hands again.

There's no official news on if this will become a feature that can be toggled on or off, but we've been sharing the community's interest in being able to turn off the visible avatar features with our developers. If there's any plans that we're able to share regarding this, we'll update the idea threads on the topic!

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Level 2

Does this version have hand tracking 2.1? And then after the release of version 2.0, my tracking was broken, I wrote earlier that tracking works fine in the helmet menu, but it's terrible in games, one game is not even passable because of this.

Level 3

What happened to the Avatar clothing store that was in an Oculus blog over a month ago with new clothes we can buy? I have TWO friends (one on a Quest2 and one on a Quest Pro) who have had this ability for weeks now and there's no mention of it anywhere? Why don't we have it yet? I have both a 2 and a Pro and got the 49 update today and still nothing. These updates are the just so poorly handled. Why advertise that this feature is coming and then drop it from the conversation even though some users have it?

Level 4

What will the versions be in my quest 2 software update page?  I can’t figure out if I’ve gotten the v49 update yet… out of four different versions listed on my software update section, half say 49xxxxx, and the other half say 47.000xxxxx

The long number isn't the version... you've got v47, as I do.
One and a half week after announcement 😞

I also vote for making the "arms" optional... or deactivateable at least.

Level 4

When Meta? When will this V49 hit my OQ2? I purchased a set of Pro controllers and they paired fine but are stuck on 0% firmware update and have been for 4 solid days. I’ve un-paired and re-paired a couple of DOZEN times. Still no progress. Can you please roll this V49 update out fully so those of us waiting to use these controllers can finally do so? “There are MANY of us” 🙏 I honestly do not want to return them, but if they aren’t going to function, $300 is more than I want to spend on a set of paper weights. At the very least can you tell us why we are all having this issue and when it will be resolved. Appreciate it. 👍


Just a heads up: I was able to pair the Pro controllers with my Q2 with version 47. I only got 49 a few days ago. It did not update automatically in my headset though. I just happened to go into System, Software Update and I could click to download it so you may want to check that. After it downloaded, I still did not have the clothing store but after I restarted my headset some hours later, it showed up. Hope you get your issue sorted.

I keep trying, all day every day since buying the controllers. Will try again today. Today is day 5 of fighting with this. Not what I signed up for Meta. WTHeck?