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Retired Support

These features and enhancements will gradually become available starting the week of February 7, 2024 and will be pushed to Meta Quest 3, Meta Quest Pro, and Meta Quest 2 headsets. Please note that you can find the most up to date release notes on our release notes article and you can check out our v62 blog as well for more details.

Spatial Video Gallery

If you have an iPhone 15 Pro or Pro Max, you can now upload spatial videos to your Quest headset using the Meta Quest mobile app. Sample spatial videos are available for viewing on your Quest headset in the Spatial videos section of the Files app.

  • Spatial video length is limited to 20 minutes.

Gamepad support

Meta Quest Browser now supports external gamepads, including PlayStation, Xbox, and many more. Connect via Bluetooth or USB-C and enjoy countless web-based games on a massive 2D VR screen.

Quest support for gamepads has also been enhanced to include PlayStation 5 DualSense Wireless Controllers and PlayStation 4 DualShock.

Safety Center

We’ve introduced a Safety Center within Privacy and Safety Settings, making it easier to view profile status details, any restrictions added to your profile for code of conduct violations, and your reports about others.

Simplified Quick Actions menu

We’ve streamlined the default Quick Actions when using hands. A quick pinch and release now opens the universal menu, and a pinch and hold recenters the headset view.

You can try out the new default Quick Actions or use the previous version of Quick Actions with more shortcuts. You can find this feature in Settings under Movement tracking, select Hand tracking, then select the toggle next to Expanded Quick Actions.

Set up multiple spaces

We've added support to save up to 15 total spaces in Space Setup. You can now scan, name and experience the magic of mixed reality in more than one room.

To manage your spaces, go to Settings, then Physical space and select Space setup.

Space Recall improvements

We continue to improve the headset’s ability to remember previously set up spaces. For situations when a previous space can’t be recalled, we’ve added the ability for you to look around the room and have the headset recall the space without having to rescan the area.

Anchors improvements and fixes

Anchors are foundational to support boundary and Space Setup and further allow you to position and persist virtual content in your apps.

To best support adaptive experiences, our improvements include:

  • Increased resilience powered by Meta Quest Point Clouds.
  • Increased accuracy across all Quest devices as well as larger space tracking for Quest 3.
  • Improved Scene Anchors to have fixed relative poses and walls stay fixed to improve roomscale experiences that involve physics.

Quest Link updates

We’ve made a number of updates and improvements for Meta Quest Link, including:

  • Oculus PC app is now the Meta Quest Link App.
  • Link now offers a 120Hz refresh rate with compatible PCVR titles
  • When USB Link Auto-Connect is turned on, Link will now automatically reconnect if there is a software crash or disconnection.
    • You can find this setting by going to Developer in System Settings. Make sure Enable custom settings is toggled on, then you can select the toggle next to USB Link Auto-Connect.
  • We introduced Spatial Data Permission to our headsets and are now also bringing it to Link. This gives you control over sharing spatial data over Link. You’ll need to enable Spatial Data sharing in Settings to use Scene API over Link.
  • Link now supports nVidia 4000 Series GPUs.
  • We’ve made improvements to Link stability, reliability and battery efficiency.
  • We resolved a number of known issues and bugs.

App continuity when multitasking

This feature allows you to pick up where you left off within apps and between apps as you transition across various experiences in VR, making it easier for you to continue your tasks without interruption.

Microphone quality enhancements

We’ve made a number of improvements to Quest microphone quality and usability, including:

  • Increased audio quality and improved audio/video synchronization for screen recordings.
  • Improved speech clarity with suppressed plosives or pop sounds like “P” and “T” and fine-tuned equalization to give your voice a more balanced and pleasant sound.
  • When making a party call on Quest, there is Improved discoverability of the Call bar, with the option to switch the microphone between Calls and App.
  • We fixed an issue where you could accidentally mute your microphone.
  • Added prompts to alert you when your microphone is muted, like when an app is trying to use your microphone so you can chat with other people.

Facebook livestreaming

First announced in v56, Facebook livestreaming is now available on Meta Quest, allowing you to livestream to your Facebook friends from Meta Quest.

Once you add your Facebook account to the same Accounts Center as your Meta account, you will be able to livestream from Quest to Facebook by selecting Camera from the universal menu, and then selecting Go Live.

YouTube livestreaming and chat

We are introducing a new way for YouTube livestreamers to engage with their community in real time. YouTube streamers can now see their YouTube live chats while fully immersed in VR. YouTube livestreaming requires casting to desktop and using stream companion desktop software, such as OBS.

Note: This feature works for public live streams only and will not work for private or unlisted streams.


anyone out there with 62 capture mp4? (standalone) Is it still trash audio? Version 60: 48000 Hz, mono, 64 kb/s


After the update, the device broke down, the screen was black and the music was playing. I have been corresponding with the technical support service for a week now. They say the warranty has passed, replacement is not possible, buy oculus 3. I think and many of the victims agree with me that this was a targeted campaign to increase sales of Oculus 3. this cannot be forgiven and ignored. If you live in a free country with a non-dictatorial regime, then you should spread the information on social networks and the media, as well as consider the possibility of a class action. Zuckerberg obviously knows no boundaries, is an immoral type.

Honored Guest

Got v62. 

Unfortunately no spatial video upload via gallery possible. (app version 253).

Also no 120hz. 

Was this pulled from the update or what?



Honored Guest

I contacted Meta Sppport last week about the issue with not being able to access Spatial Videos from within the IOS Meta Quest app.  This was their response

"Thank you for providing us with the screenshots. This is an emerging issue that our specialized team is look into. This is a feature that is being rolled out to users over time, not all users will be able to use this feature immediately. I will be following up with you on this issue once our specialized team has been resolved it to inform you."

So they are aware of it and hopefully it will be fixed soon.  I will post any updates from Meta Support when I get them

Honored Guest

Thanks for the information.

I guess i missed the part where you can get the update but not be able to access the feature. Sounds like it’s supposed to be like that.

ohhhkay i wait 🙂

Expert Protege

Today I did a full factory reset. Unfortunately it didn't change anything. Same problems with the passthrough/virtual environment switching, UI still somewhere on the ground or in other rooms outside the guardian after putting on the headset, no spatial videos folder in the files app, chromatic aberration on the edges of the screen/lenses.

The v62 update is a total mess and doesn't give me a good feeling when I want to return to VR.

I now have a Spatial videos section in Files with examples on Quest 3 - woohoo!

Expert Protege

I also found the section in Files today. Nice but all the other issues with v62 are still the same.

Honored Guest

I also got it today. Nice 🙂

Honored Guest

Is it just me or does the Spatial Video conversion horribly compress the resulting video? Every single video, including the demos, have one eye sharpish and the other blurry, randomly switching depending on the video. Would be nice if they tried to get it working without conversion, and if the Quest can't run at that quality, at least convert at a much higher quality and have parity between both eyes.

Honored Guest

Upgraded to v62 on Quest 3. The Immersed app starts up, but then it goes all dark (it was working fine just before the update). Microsoft Mesh displays a couple of "vibrating" lines, and that's it. I haven't tried any other apps yet. 

Update: after rebooting a couple of times and running a few other apps, Immersed and Microsoft Mesh are now working.


Ok, I just got another non-PTC v62 update for my QPro earlier today, plus finally my first v62 update on my Q3.  Both show version v62.  Meta Link PC app remains on non-PTC  version v62.

Everything seems to be working fine standalone and PCVR with Link and Air Link.  Only minor problem with PCVR is when I call up the virtual desktop I get a large yellow oval with a "!" mark in the middle.  This disappears as soon as I point a controller at the desktop screen.  No big deal but I have filed a bug report.

Anyway, so far so good, lol!

Edit; forgot to mention that the Q3 120Hz PCVR option is now live.

Heroic Explorer

v62 just loaded on my Quest 2.

Meta Guide although updated shows v60 as "What's New"

"Features" from v60 still missing:

Phone notifications - not removed

Layout App - not installed

Lakeside Peak home environment - not installed

Still unresolved:

No MTP notification/alert when Link Cable attached to Headset and PC. Option enabled, developer mode enabled. Fortunately I am able to still enable MTP via Link Cable and ADB. As a backup I sideloaded Cx File Explorer which allows me to wireless transfers file to and from my headset via FTP and even better SMB. It might be slower than using the Link Cable but at least it works.

I paid $80 for the Link Cable so I can load large video files on to my headset. I would expect the software to continue to be compatible with the basic functions of the cable.

Expert Protege

Yesterday I got the Update for the Desktop-App...
Calls Meta Link App now and it's on

It comes with a silly mix of englisch and german UI, but I can surely live with that 😉
And yes, 120Hz is also live with Q3 now, no "doubles" in UI anyway - like with Q2 before the update.
("doubles" and no 120Hz with Q3 persist after update of the App, the firmware fixes that!)

Today both devices (Q2/3) updating to firmware v62 with the same Version/Runtime.
Only the system numbers differ:
- Version:
- Runtime:

Also got the "multiple space setup" which works great - fianally!
The layout app on other hand (announced with v60) is missing as always.

I'am very happy about both features: 120Hz PCVR and multiple spaces.
At weekend I'll go to scan the whole house 🙂

Forgot to mention, that the controller of the Quest 3 were updated also.

@TomCgcmfc I've also get the yellow oval with "!" in it calling the big screen desktop, but only for a short time.
It vanishes after one second or so and the desktop were shown - with the small (2nd) monitor this didn't occur.

Honored Guest

Great news

My Meta Quest IOS app can now at last access my iPhone 15 Pro Max Spatial videos and I can select and upload to my Quest 3
Spatial videos looking really good on the Quest 3 so that saves me a fortune not having to look at purchasing an Apple Vision Pro. 

I'm still loosing with v62 my roomscale spaces when I switch to stationary boundaries. I have to rescan my room every day again and again... very anoying 😞

Honored Guest

Oh my frakking GOD . Fix the dawn controller issues on the Quest Pro


Meta support is so bad.......

Honored Guest


Hi @Ryanality , I recently updated my Meta Quest to v62 and noticed that the option to livestream directly to Facebook is missing, even though my Facebook account is linked to my Meta account. According to the update notes, this feature should be available.

Has anyone else encountered this issue and found a solution? I've tried linking and un-linking my accounts, but the livestreaming option is still not appearing. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Please see image. Thanks  





Flickering after this update!!!! please fix it!!!!
[Thread Link]

Expert Protege

There is no "flickering" at all... 
So there are no issues with the controller (Q3), recently updated.

Also the updates about (air-)link improves it again to a top level.
(compared to VDM and SteamLink in visuals and... much more importance in stability)

For now, I've got nothing to comply with this update...

Honored Guest

I think there is a bug with the new update. When I switch my Meta Quest 3 to standby/take it off for some time the anchors in AR move and all objects are not at their place anymore. Anyone can reproduce that bug? Or may there be a work-around?


Wow I must say I don't know if it was this but I just joined the ptb and noticed the distortion happens way less since when I got it and I rescanned my room(love the multiple room option now) and when I did it was faster looked better more accurate,you guys are really doing a great job

Honored Guest

I used to be able to listen to youtube music while using other apps. I did this by starting the other app and then going to the browser and selecting a youtube music video to play. I would get a notification about the music video in the notifications list and when i clicked on it 3 vertical dots would appear on the right side of the notification. Clicking on the dots would produce a drop down menu that would have a "play" option. When I clicked on "play" the music would start and then I would go to the other app and hit resume.... then the music would play while using that app. A few days ago I no longer get browser notifications, so the option to play the youtube music is no longer there. Is anyone else having this problem and if so is there a work around.

Honored Guest

I and others can no longer play music while in apps aver the v62 update. One used to be able to open an app and then pause it,  go to the browser and select a tune. One would get a browser notification in notifications about that song and then by clicking on that notification three dots would appear on the right side of the notification. After clicking on the three dots a drop down menu would appear with the option to "play". Clicking on it would start the music playing and then one would go to the original app and hit resume and the music would play while using that app. Well, after v62 was installed no more browser notifications appear and no option to play the music. There are no work arounds and contacting Meta only yields the "bot runaround" from support... they are honestly useless.  

Honored Guest

After upgrading to version v62 I'm having a lot of problems with the hand tracking and click detection. It detects "clicks" everywhere and with a very low accuracy, to the point of being an almost unusable mode. Also, this causes me to be constantly dragging windows all over the place, which is very annoying btw. Finally, when I use the keyboard with my hands, my virtual fingers get stuck/frozen too long on each letter, which makes me unsure of where my fingers really are.

Honored Guest

In the past 5 years, I have never successfully accessed the Oculus client. Every time, I stopped at the startup interface. Today, I bought the latest Quest 3 and installed the latest Windows 11, and it didn't disappoint me. I still didn't get into it. This bug is very good. This is the sixth year, and I love you all😂




why does the game unpause now when i take it off my head??????. I keep getting killed when i take it off and its supposed to be paused!

Heroic Explorer

Nice, an enhancement I requested seems to have been implemented.

When you exit an immersive app the you return to the what was opened before. That is, say you had the app library or settings screen open and you launch an immersive app like a game. When you exit the game the library or setting screen will still be open. Before you had to bring up the Universal Menu then open either the library or settings to get back to where you were.

The only little tweak would be if the settings like height or whatever are restored as well. Example: suppose you were leaning back in a chair and long pressed the Meta/Oculus button to reorient library screen to a better angle/height.

I guess this is:

"App continuity when multitasking

This feature allows you to pick up where you left off within apps and between apps as you transition across various experiences in VR, making it easier for you to continue your tasks without interruption."


Are you going to fix the glaring issue of Remote desktop needing to use the Keyboard/Mouse connected to the remote desktop, or use, the frankly excellent pairing of select bluetooth keyboards and mice. I have a Magic Keyboard and Mouse. (Do I need to explain what remote means?)

I want to use this professionaly but every solution out on Quest, that I have tested, drops the ball on at least one two points and makes them unusable.

I am not a gamer, do I have to move to Apple to do work?



Honored Guest

Can't wait to see what the future holds for VR with these advancements!

Honored Guest

I am seeing quite a few games have issues with missing DLC's on the v62 update. Is there any timeline for a fix of this pretty major bug?

Seeing reports on Walkabout Minigolf, RealVR Fishing (error linked) as well as SynthRiders (error linked)



so i bought myself an nvidia 4070 super graphics card and the oculus software immediately said my pc doesn't meet vr expectations - it worked fine however. I note in 62 release it says it supports 4000 series gpu's - well i can tell you that having updated the software to 62 release - it still complains my pc doesn't meet vr expectations...


v62 brings spatial video to Meta Quest 3 from iPhone 15 Pro (or Max) ONLY if one owns that iPhone. Well, lots of us have friends and relatives who have those phones and can easily send spatial videos of our children and grandchildren to those of us with earlier iPhones. Those spatial videos DO show up in our old iPhones (mine is a 14 Pro) in an "official" Spatial folder.

The problem is that the Meta Quest iOS app does not recognize spatial videos in a Spatial folder on any phone but 15 Pros. So, we have to use a 3rd party app (Spatialify) to convert the videos to FSBS videos and THEN use another 3rd party app (SideQuest) to get those converted videos to my Meta Quest 3.

Why doesn't Meta fix this to allow recognition of Spatial media on older iPhones and why does Meta make it so hard to use MacOS?

Heroic Explorer

Updated to v62 a couple weeks or so ago.. I regularly check the software updates in settings and if one is available I will install it.

However at times when I power down my Quest 2 I'll get the option to update and then power down. When I take this option I'll get the Keep charging and WiFi on Updating screen. Two or three hours later it says it is still updating. Checking my WiFi status light on the router it shows the headset is disconnected. Cancel the update, WiFi is off in the headset, cannot be turned back on. Restart headset, WiFi connected, settings - no updates. Power off, no updates. A few hours later when I switch off - update option - confirm. Update screen, router show WiFi connected and activity. Some time later WiFi status light shows disconnected. Checking the headset the Update Screen is still up. Blip the power switch - WiFi still disconnected. Hold the power switch until shut-down. Power up, no ROM Chip icon, normal startup.

It's been doing this since v62 has installed. I will not do a factory reset on the suspicion that the system software will fail to completely install bricking my headset. There are a number of reddit posts of headsets being bricked from factory resets.


Got another v62 update update yesterday, Version

All seems to be working fine with both my Q3 and QPro, standalone and PCVR with Link and Air Link. 


PC Link and Air Link still not working for me after the update on Quest 2. I have the sound but no video. I have the video on my main monitor and movements of the headset are tracked by the video on the monitor. Been over a year without the PC link function working.... 


@Ryanality  v62 says it has improved battery efficiency with usb conected Link.  Does this also apply to Air Link as well?  Please ask your engineering team, thanks mate.

Retired Support

@TomCgcmfc, just confirmed with the team that yes the improvements for battery life apply to both Link and Air Link.

Expert Protege

@Ryanality Thank's for confirming this, I've wondered why CPU/GPU load was going down while Air Linking 😉

@drmillerkc It's the other way round...

Apple makes it "hard" für 3rd party apps or other companies to work efficient with their envoronments.
So MacOS or iOS are the problem here, not the Meta implementation.

Aditionally you may play also spatial videos wireless - for example with Skybox VR Player.
There is no need to "reconvert" spatial videos... 

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey again, @SA08111227. We just wanted to follow up with you to see if you still needed assistance with your purchase issue. If so, please do not hesitate to let us know. Either way, we hope to hear from you soon!

Honored Guest

Hi Ryan I've come across a bug with the latest update not allowing my oculus to connect to my pc via link cable or air link it says my headset isn't connected from the app even though it was before and even when i just put it on nothing changes  also if u could could you look into this issue thanks.