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Meta Quest build v42 release notes

Community Manager
Community Manager

These features and enhancements will become available starting the week of July 11th, 2022.

Move 2.0

We’ve been listening to your suggestions to improve Move in order to make it easier to track your VR fitness progress. Last month, we began to roll out tracking and viewing your VR fitness stats on your phone. iOS users also had the option to sync with Apple Health. Today, we’re sharing a couple new improvements to Oculus Move:

  • Earn Move Achievements for hitting your fitness goals. In the Move app, find the dedicated tab to track your fitness milestones, like 5000 calories burned or 100 daily goals completed, no matter what game or app you’re moving in.
  • Visualize your fitness progress compared to the previous week with Move Trends.
    • And for those interested in more fitness stats, check out your peak and average intensity (calories burned per minute).
  • If you haven’t used Move yet, learn more about Move and how it can help you track your VR fitness goals.


While in VR, you can now see how many unread Messenger chats you have directly from the app icon.

Air Link

Air Link is moving out of the experimental settings panel and will now be available under system settings. We’ve also made the following improvements:

  • We’ve added a Connection benchmarking tool to help understand and improve the quality of your wireless connection.
  • We’ve improved the UI to simplify the number of steps required to set up Link and Air Link.
  • Previously, we announced the beta release of Air Link Windows 11 compatibility. With this release, Air Link is now fully compatible with Windows 11.

Parental Supervision

We’ve added the ability for parents to enable and disable social features for any teens that they supervise. Turning on social feature supervision will prevent teens from:

  • Creating and joining parties.
  • Visiting or watching VR content together in anyone's Meta Horizon Home.
  • Sending/receiving chat messages on Oculus Chat and Messenger in VR.
  • Posting on Facebook from the VR share option.

We’re also adding a new notification for when a teen ages out of a content rating.

Display Contrast

We’ve introduced a contrast slider to help improve overall visibility while in VR. This includes text, controls, backgrounds etc.

  • You can adjust your display contrast from your Meta Quest headset by selecting Apps > Settings > Accessibility and then moving the slider to your desired contrast level.
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@tanubon  I suspect, like me, your Quest is still on v41.  Seems like a few v42 features were rolled out yesterday (Air Link and messenger) but I don't think this is a full v42 update because for me there was no required restart that is normally required for major updates.  Up to you but I suggest you opt out of the oculus desktop pc app public beta and stick with non-beta v41 for now.  Cheers.

i9 9900k, rtx3090, 32 Gb ram, 1tb ssd, 4tb hdd. xi hero wifi mb, 750w psu, QPro w/Air Link, Vive Pro

Level 2

Update installed, now my headset won't charge while in use.
I've tried using the official supplied charging cable and official plug as well as other charging cables, powerbanks and other plugs.
Thanks for ruining my headset Oculus.

Level 2

Using Airlink on Quest 2 v42 with desktop app v42. at 72hz 1.3x resolution on Windows 11, about once every 10 to 30 seconds I was getting a noticeable stutter with artifacting that sometimes looked like screen tearing or sometimes like a flashing pattern, mostly along the right half of my view.  This was pretty easily noticeable while viewing desktop, and maybe a bit less noticeable while playing games.  Had never noticed this issue before.


Resolved by disabling Mobile ASW in Oculus Debug Tool.  I left (PC) Asynchronous Spacewarp enabled.

@Cythkato  I found the same thing back with v40 and also needed to disable mobile ASW.  Since v41 I’ve found leaving it on Auto works fine.  I think that Meta needs to do a bit more work on that feature.

i9 9900k, rtx3090, 32 Gb ram, 1tb ssd, 4tb hdd. xi hero wifi mb, 750w psu, QPro w/Air Link, Vive Pro

Level 2

The airlink almost doesn't work for me after the update. Before it was very smooth. Now with new feature it says "poor quality" in airlink menu and when I connect to my PC it seems that the frame rate is about just 2fps, I can't even move the controller and click on something. PC is on Win 10.

I don't know if this will help.  I am getting the same poor quality warnings, (70 ms latency) but AIRLINK seems to work OK for me.  I usually use the LINK Cable and use either the DEBUG tool or Oculus Tray Tool to set my ENCODE BITRATE higher (300-450).  If I try to use AIRLINK under these conditions, it stutters and lags and I can barely even access any menu items.  When I decide to use AIRLINK, I always go in and change my ENCODE BITRATE to 0 (the default, which, I believe is somewhere between 100 and 150). I could jump in and run Elite Dangerous over AirLink  relatively smoothly, I think it is a little more laggy than it used to be especially inside a station, but not too bad. By the way, in the Headset, I have AIRLINK set to Dynamic Bitrate between 10 and 185 Mbps

Level 2

How do I get v42 on my quest 2

Level 7

What? My quest2 is back to the previous form on the same version ( Air Link (Quest Link) has returned from system to experimental. What was happened? 😩

Level 4

I have looked and looked. There is no contrast slider under apps/setting/accessibility.


Accessibility isn’t even under “apps” anywhere.


Even your patch notes are bugged.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


BTW, Horizon Worlds App is still bugged for a lot of people, too. Freezes on “preparing for visitors”…Quest and PC version…so obviously an account issue.  Horizon Events loads, but if you try to jump to personal space, same bug happens. Ask your offshore devs if they know what a debug statement is for…there can’t be that many things that happen during that part of the loading process.  Please address. Unacceptable. 

Level 15

OK, I got v42 on my Q2/rtx3090 today and it all seems to work fine standalone and Air Link with my Oculus, Steam, and VivePort games.  I still have not seen the personalisation option to change how apps are displayed and I don't see the Contrast option.  I guess these will eventually get rolled out to me.


Air Link seems a little better and it now tells me that my connection is fine.  I still don't believe the reported network latency from the system/quest link page.  So far I've seen anything from 1.5ms up to 300ms.  Main thing is that it seems to work fine and maybe a 2-3ms less latency, but still +5-8ms more than I got before with v40.  I tried the oculus desktop app public beta (v42) but this actually was another 5ms worse so I rolled back to non-beta v41 and will stick with that for now.


Anyway, so far so good I guess. 

i9 9900k, rtx3090, 32 Gb ram, 1tb ssd, 4tb hdd. xi hero wifi mb, 750w psu, QPro w/Air Link, Vive Pro