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Meta Quest build v43 release notes

Community Manager
Community Manager

These features and enhancements will become available starting the week of August 8th, 2022.

Meta Accounts

We’ll begin rolling out a new Meta account structure in August 2022 that gives people more flexibility and control in VR. You’ll no longer be required to log into your Meta VR devices with a Facebook account. This also means:

  • We’re also evolving your Oculus profile to a new Meta Horizon profile, which you can customize as you see fit.
  • Your “Friends” will now become “Followers,” similar to Instagram’s existing model.
  • You’ll have the option to add your Facebook and/or Instagram account to the same Accounts Center as your Meta account, which unlocks connected experiences in VR.
  • We’re rolling out new controls to help you more easily manage your privacy settings.

Meta Quest Guide

We are rolling out the Meta Quest Guide. Now users can:

  • Watch device and feature tutorials
  • Check out what's new in our latest Meta Quest software release notes
  • Find answers to top questions and get troubleshooting tips to fix problems

Note, this will be rolling out to users gradually over time.

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Level 9

That's great.

Where are all the features that were listed in the Quest build v42 release notes?

Linking Move to IOS device?

Display contrast?

Intel Core i7 6700K @ 4.5GHz. Asus-Z170-PRO MB - Nvidia RTX 3080 ti - 16GB DDR4 2666MHZ HYPERX SAVAGE.

Features will sometimes roll out gradually, and separately from the update itself, so it's possible that they just haven't been enabled for your system yet. I'll check in and see if I can get any details on if those features should be out for everyone yet or if they're still on the rollout.

Help others find great discussions and answers by adding kudos and marking solutions to your questions.

Level 4

And for new users? How can these new accounts be created?

Level 4

When will advanced recording features come out? With V43 or beyond? Thanks 🙂

Level 5

My Q2 was updated last Friday... 

Desktop-App is still at v42.



- Version:
- Runtime:
- OS Vers: user-37314400736000000



Everything works like it shoud...


Today there was another Update for the Quest - Desktop App still at v42:

- Version:
- Runtime:
- OS Vers: user-37314400808900000



Hopefully things keep fine 😉

Level 4

I got v43 overnight last night. Do we have any idea what the Meta account creation process is going to look like? Will it be done on the headset? Phone app? Web?

The phone app was used to setup the device, so most likely it would be the way to go.

But you should ask this in the corresponding thread.

Level 3

Oops, wrong place sorry.

Level 3

My Quest 2 is at and does not seem to charge as fast as in 42 and never reaches 100%. The highest I have seen is 83% starting at 53% and after hours of charging. What is wrong?