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Meta Quest build v43 release notes

Community Manager
Community Manager

These features and enhancements will become available starting the week of August 8th, 2022.

Meta Accounts

We’ll begin rolling out a new Meta account structure in August 2022 that gives people more flexibility and control in VR. You’ll no longer be required to log into your Meta VR devices with a Facebook account. This also means:

  • We’re also evolving your Oculus profile to a new Meta Horizon profile, which you can customize as you see fit.
  • Your “Friends” will now become “Followers,” similar to Instagram’s existing model.
  • You’ll have the option to add your Facebook and/or Instagram account to the same Accounts Center as your Meta account, which unlocks connected experiences in VR.
  • We’re rolling out new controls to help you more easily manage your privacy settings.

Meta Quest Guide

We are rolling out the Meta Quest Guide. Now users can:

  • Watch device and feature tutorials
  • Check out what's new in our latest Meta Quest software release notes
  • Find answers to top questions and get troubleshooting tips to fix problems

Note, this will be rolling out to users gradually over time.

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Hey there. That is not an experience we want to hear from our customers. We'd love to help.


First, let's submit a bug report with the steps listed HERE.


Next, we can try to charge the device from a different outlet for two hours and a different charger for two hours. 


If none of these work, we suggest that you reach out to Support HERE to get some one-on-one attention.

Level 3

Report sent with firmware version numbers. I am charging a USB battery pack from the same Anker usb charger and that is fine. It seems the Quest 2 is slow charging and not reaching 100%.

Thank you again for bringing this to our attention and filling out that bug report to help our engineers and community at large. 


Can we try to charge the device from a different outlet for two hours?


The folks at Meta Store Support can be reached through email or chat at this link, and they'll be more than happy to take a closer look at everything with you.


Level 3

How do we unlink our Facebook account from our Quest 2?  


I'm wanting to delete my Facebook account and don't want to lose all of my games. 

Hey there. We understand not wanting your account linked to Facebook. Let's see how we may help you.


Unlinking your account will not remove your games at this time but some social features will not be functional. We do not currently have an eta on when the Meta accounts will roll out. We ask that you please stay tuned to our public blog and be patient as we do not want to have our customers lose any of the awesome features that we have for our headsets.

Level 6

Strange, five days ago Oculus on Windows updated to v43. Yesterday it downgraded to v42. Now it updated to v43 again.

Look at the v43 PTC Thread...

There are problems with the desktop app for some, so it's rolled back for now.

Also it would be helpful, if you post the exakt version - mine is

Level 3

I am plugged in to a different socket and the charge of the headset is 77% now.. I will check later.

Level 3



whatever happened to "app sorting and filtering " on build v41!?!?! 


Has anyone ANYWHERE got access to this rollout yet?? 

Unfortunately the 'App Filtering' is a rolling out feature; it only started rolling out starting with v41 (or whatever the update # was).  I too don't have the App Filtering, but we'll both get it soon enough. 

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