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Meta Quest build v44 release notes

Community Manager
Community Manager

These features and enhancements will become available starting the week of September 15, 2022.

Advanced Creator Settings

We want to empower creators to capture and deliver high quality experiences to help connect and grow engagement from their audiences. As such, we’ve added Advanced Camera Settings that can be enabled from your Experimental Settings panel in VR. Once enabled, you’ll have access to these additional camera settings:

  • Image Stabilization: Choose how much to reduce the appearance of headset movement in your videos.
    • Increasing image stabilization decreases the field of view.
  • Aspect Ratio: Choose your default format and resolution for photos and videos.
    • We heard your requests, and are happy to add that 1920x1080 or "Landscape" is now possible.
  • Frame Rate: Choose your default frame rate for videos.
    • Higher frame rates can negatively impact app performance.
  • Video Compression Quality: Choose a default bit rate for videos.
    • Higher bit rates improve video quality but also increase file size.

Parental Supervision

We continue to add features to our Parental Supervision tools for VR. Two of the newest additions include:

  • Block Developer Mode: Parents can now block teens from using their headset in developer mode through Parental Supervision tools.
    • Blocking developer mode will prevent teens from installing apps on their Meta Quest that may not be available on the Meta Quest App store using a connected device or computer.
  • Note, this will be rolling out gradually.

Unlock Pattern for Apps

You can now lock multiple apps with a single PIN entry. With this update, you can also filter and lock apps based on rating categories.

  • You can find this feature by selecting Settings > Security Settings > App Lock.
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Hi @Ryanality  Is there any update on this? I'm also facing similar issue.

Hey @embitelandroid and @madhujeet.tomar ! Have either of you tried our developer support team about this? If not, go ahead and contact them so that the team can check it out. If you have a ticket number, send it my way and I'll make sure it's getting the right attention.

Help others find great discussions and answers by adding kudos and marking solutions to your questions.

Advanced video features? Please?

Level 5

Has there been any update on the missing settings? I’ve gotten v46 and still don’t have the camera settings.

You’d think they’d WANT us to make and share videos 🤷🏽‍:male_sign:.

Level 3

My issues has now been fully resolved, and I am getting much better picture and frames.  The issue was changing the bitrate on the OTT or ODT.  now that this has not been changed I dont get any more white lines on the screen.  Can still change FOV and sharpening, but truthfully the options in the headset make it very good at Supersampling 1.5 with 90Hrz.  Thanks

Level 4

Like other users, Advanced Camera Settings are missed in my account.

(Screenshoots are in spanish because I'm spanish)


Not available in settings:




Not available in experimental features:

Experimental featuresExperimental features


My account is set to administrator in my Quest 2, and the Advanced Camera Settings are missed.


If other person try to login in my Quest 2 with their own account, they have Advanced Camera Settings in my Quest 2. But my account haven't.


I've now the v46 and doesn't work, but when I had v44 did't work too.


If I try to log in to another user's Quest 2. I still haven't Advanced Camera Settings. Even If the owner has Advanced Camera Settings.


I've tried to contact with support (Ticket 5746929) but the only answer I get is to factory reset my Quest 2. I've factory reset my Quest 2 many times but still not working. Other thing they say it's that I've activated Public Test Channel. But isn't true. I've never activated PTC and if I check the PTC appears not available for me.


In the Meta Quest android app PTC appears unavailable:


Translated to english says "Public Test Channel: Enrollment in the public test channel is complete. Please check back for availability later."


In my Quest 2 there is no trace that PTC is activated.



I think it's something with accounts (because in same Quest 2, only my account haven't this feature) but support doesn't fix the problem (Ticket 5746929). They only recommend factory resets. 

Muchisimas gracias por todo esa informacion amigo!!! 

This should be exactly what they need to get this looked into.

Level 5

Any update to this? I also haven’t noticed any additional features from v46 such as the recently open apps.