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Meta Quest build v53 release notes

Community Manager
Community Manager

These features and enhancements will become available starting the week of April 27th, 2023 and will be pushed to Meta Quest Pro and Meta Quest 2 headsets. 


Parental Supervision content filters for Meta Quest Browser

We are adding the ability to block access to certain website categories  in Meta Quest Browser (examples: adult content, alcohol/tobacco, weapons, etc.). Once you’ve turned on Parental Supervision, parents can enable these content filters from the Meta Quest mobile app. 


WIFI 6E support for Meta Quest Pro

If you have a Quest Pro, you can now connect to WiFi 6 GHz networks for lower latency and faster, more consistent download and upload speeds.

Advanced camera settings leaving Experimental Features

Advanced camera settings are moving from Experimental Features to the Camera tab under Settings. You can use these advanced settings to capture VR gameplay videos at different frame rates, aspect ratios, bit rates, and with image stabilization.


Stereo audio for video recording

We are beginning to roll out stereo audio for video recording. All video captures will record stereo audio instead of monophonic audio.


Update apps during shutdown

When you shutdown your headset, you will now have the option to update apps before the headset powers off. This will help minimize the number of app updates that you have to complete the next time you want to jump into a VR app or game.

  • This will be rolling out gradually. 


Text readout on system keyboard

A readout will show up when you are using the system keyboard. This will allow you to quickly glance at what you’re typing in VR and make easy edits and should reduce eye and neck strain.


Select time zone and edit time

You will now be able to select the time zone on your headset and manually edit the displayed time. To do this, select the date at the top of the Quick Settings panel.

VR notification grouping

Multiple notifications from a specific app will now be grouped together, allowing you to more efficiently interact with them. on Meta Quest Browser

You can now log in to from Meta Quest Browser. Access content, chat with friends, and watch and subscribe to your favorite Twitch streamers in VR. 

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You the man Ryan! Thank you for acknowledging our reports on this forum! Please let us know when it’s fixed. 

Community Manager
Community Manager

Thanks! I'll update this thread when I see that the fix is pushed out.

Help others find great discussions and answers by adding kudos and marking solutions to your questions.

I appreciate the communication immensely. Thank you for the replies

I`m having this problems in standalone games too. I`ve updated to v53 yesterday and these artifacts shows up at the edges of the display. It`s Most noticeable in dark barckgrounds and it seams to get worse with foveated rendering.