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Meta Quest build v54 release notes

Community Manager
Community Manager

These features and enhancements will become available starting the week of May 18, 2023 and will be rolling out to Meta Quest Pro and Meta Quest 2 headsets. 


Custom Skybox View 

Enhance or personalize the Skybox View that surrounds your Home environment in VR by selecting one of the preinstalled options or uploading your own image. You can manage your Skybox View from the Personalization tab in Settings. Check out our Custom Skybox View blog for more details.

Note: Custom Skybox View is not available in groups and may not work in all environments. 


Follow request improvements

We’re making it easier to manage your follow requests to connect with other users. Follow requests will now be grouped together at the top of your notifications. Selecting this notification will take you to the People tab where you can view and respond to all your follow requests.


Guardian improvements

We are improving your headset's ability to remember more boundaries, so you can spend less time redrawing them.

  • This will be rolling out gradually.


App Library improvements 

We’ve updated the look and feel of your App Library.  Filter and sort are now integrated into search for a more robust search experience.


Avatar mirror rollout

The avatar mirror in your Horizon Home is now available in more environments, allowing you to easily view and personalize your avatar. 


Improved Quest Touch Pro controller tracking

We have improved the tracking performance for Quest Touch Pro controllers, more reliably positioning controllers in VR based on their position in real life.


Light theme 

We moved Light theme from Experimental Features to System Settings. Light theme allows you to select a lighter color scheme for menus and notifications in VR. To change your display theme, select Personalization from Settings, then select Display Theme. 


Physical Space setting

We’ve combined the Boundary, Passthrough and Objects & Furniture settings into the Physical Space setting. 


Customize more notifications in VR

You can now turn on notifications in VR for more apps from the Notifications menu in Settings.

  •           This will be rolling out gradually.


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Update 53 Bricked my Pro I'm getting a replacement back today. Kind of scared of the PTC now because my Q2 is out of warranty and not sure if I want to chance my Pro again.

just curious, how did v53 brick your Pro? 

Was it something that happened while running the update process, or was it after v53 was fully installed and then something happened to brick it?

After it was installed strange things like just turning off or clicking a game takes you to home menu. After awhile when talking it out of standby it would just go off and then shutting down to restart the Meta logo would show then it would just go black screen. Support had me do a factory reset and all it would do was go to logo then black screen. Good news is I got the replacement back today so I'm loading up my games. The bad news is the new headset came with Version 53 installed 🤔😳🤣

Ah, ok.  Yeah, that is very strange.

I hope the replacement works out much better for you!

I read on reddit about a user who got v54 and now all apps installed from sidequest won't start anymore.
“After v54, all my sideloaded apps are not working. Is there a workaround?
It's still unclear whether we're talking about apps he already had installed or apps he's installing now that won't launch, or pirated apps, but in the latter case he can go to hell as far as I'm concerned.
 In any case, I thought it appropriate to report it here so, when in doubt, everyone is free to decide how to move and run for cover if it is still on v53 or v51.
In the meantime, @Ryanality could you ask the dev team and inform if indeed v54 still supports the work of pc sidequested apps or if Meta decided not to make sideloaded apps work either in general?
or if someone who has already received v54 official to check and let know how things are on their device.
Thank you

Yup !  Disappointing that Move still hasn't been fixed.  This should be a priority fix as many adults use their Quest for fitness apps/subscriptions. 


Also, my TouchPro controller tracking seems to be glitchy with the latest v54 release.  I didn't really notice anything with the earlier v54 revisions, but the latest releases makes it where my controllers will momentarily lose tracking for a split second then pop back to being tracked.  Happens maybe once every 10-15 minutes.  Especially annoying when playing VR shooters since you're often still while aiming with the controllers; maybe the sleep/standby algorithm is kicking in too soon because it thinks I'm idle ?  This wasn't an issue prior to v54 (v50-v53 TouchPro tracking was solid).   Annoying, but still useable; just some feedback.

i7-7700k, Zotac RTX 3080 AMP Holo (10G), QuestPro, Quest 2
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Hi @ShocksVR, I'm going to check in with the team and I just want to make sure I've got the issue you're talking about correct. This is for Move not tracking movement for secondary accounts, but tracking admin/primary accounts fine, right?

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I have the same problem with the Move app not tracking any movements since updating to PTC v54, and this occurs on my primary/admin account, I don't have any secondary accounts set up on my device. I reported this bug in the PTC thread and also sent a bug report on the device. I really hope this gets fixed soon.

Thanks, I'll let the team know!

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As Observer has said, with v54 Move no longer tracks any data regardless of the type of account.


Thanks Ryan ! I'm a regular Supernatural VR user, so this getting a quick fix is much appreciated.

i7-7700k, Zotac RTX 3080 AMP Holo (10G), QuestPro, Quest 2
Previous: Oculus GO, Oculus RIFT - 3 sensor Room-scale, Oculus Rift S