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Meta Quest build v54 release notes

Community Manager
Community Manager

These features and enhancements will become available starting the week of May 18, 2023 and will be rolling out to Meta Quest Pro and Meta Quest 2 headsets. 


Custom Skybox View 

Enhance or personalize the Skybox View that surrounds your Home environment in VR by selecting one of the preinstalled options or uploading your own image. You can manage your Skybox View from the Personalization tab in Settings. Check out our Custom Skybox View blog for more details.

Note: Custom Skybox View is not available in groups and may not work in all environments. 


Follow request improvements

We’re making it easier to manage your follow requests to connect with other users. Follow requests will now be grouped together at the top of your notifications. Selecting this notification will take you to the People tab where you can view and respond to all your follow requests.


Guardian improvements

We are improving your headset's ability to remember more boundaries, so you can spend less time redrawing them.

  • This will be rolling out gradually.


App Library improvements 

We’ve updated the look and feel of your App Library.  Filter and sort are now integrated into search for a more robust search experience.


Avatar mirror rollout

The avatar mirror in your Horizon Home is now available in more environments, allowing you to easily view and personalize your avatar. 


Improved Quest Touch Pro controller tracking

We have improved the tracking performance for Quest Touch Pro controllers, more reliably positioning controllers in VR based on their position in real life.


Light theme 

We moved Light theme from Experimental Features to System Settings. Light theme allows you to select a lighter color scheme for menus and notifications in VR. To change your display theme, select Personalization from Settings, then select Display Theme. 


Physical Space setting

We’ve combined the Boundary, Passthrough and Objects & Furniture settings into the Physical Space setting. 


Customize more notifications in VR

You can now turn on notifications in VR for more apps from the Notifications menu in Settings.

  •           This will be rolling out gradually.


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Hi, besides my last post, I can't find the pictures I downloaded inside some VR apps when I want to custom skybox view.
It says there are 4 items in the Download file in the Quest Files App, but the Download file is blank. So I have to restart my quest 2 and pro to find the pics I download EVERYTIME.

That's a huge bug for such a simple feature  that has been heavily advertised.

Also I can't use hand tracking on my left hand to open the menu, only right hand oculus button works. And I can't see both my hands.




It seems that the Pro controllers issue when they regularly lose tracking for a second while connected to Wi-Fi 5 still isn't solved despite what release notes state, but now it occurs a bit strange. It doesn't happen when I'm connected via Air Link and it doesn't happen when I play Eleven Table Tennis standalone. But when I play standalone something that requires more fast moves with the controllers, like Los Milles Bodycombat or Thrill Of The Fight - it happens regularly. Maybe it will also happen via Air Link, but I don't have anything that requires such quick moves in PCVR.
@Ryanality Could you please confirm that the development team is aware of this issue? It appeared with v53 PTC release a month and a half ago, I reported it several times as a bug, I reported it here on the forums numerous times, some other guys reported it too... I dont know what else to do to state that this issue is really ruining gaming experience. I'm forced to use either Wi-Fi 2.4 only or don't connect the headset to Wi-Fi at all. 


I'm experiencing a handful of issues over the past week;  wondering if they might be related to the update.

  1. my physical desk/couch no longer show up in my home environment.  I use my Quest Pro for work, gaming, and fitness, and I usually use desk/couch/roomscale guardians for those 3 activities, and not having access to the desk and couch specific environments is less convenient.
  2.  I'm having to re-draw my guardian much more often. I have separate room scale guardians setup in my basement, and on my first and second floors. the headset seems to get confused, and just has me redraw from scratch repeatedly.  
  3. the magnetic full-light blocking accessory is breaking tracking.  when I use this accessory, there seems to be a problem with tracking;  my controllers appear about a 10" below my actual hands. 
  4. the Physical Space Setting panel isn't visible to me- is this being gradually rolled out?
  5. I'm no longer getting iPhone notifications in my headset, and when I try to enable them, the app fails to render the settings panel.


Grand Champion

Would just love to get my home back - or make it a paid feature.

It's for the first time making me consider downgrading the desktop app and then cutting the connection to future "upgrades". 2c. 

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Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey @Exius86, I can confirm the team is working on a couple controller tracking issues right now. They're still investigating right now to get exactly the conditions that are causing this behavior.

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@Ryanality , sorry for not @'ing you in my initial comment.  I've been reading up on other threads- can you shed some light on whether the "Real World Objects no longer in Home Environment" issue is an intentional change, or a bug?  Thanks!

Hey Chris! We're working on updates to the mixed reality side of things and have the older couch and desk settings were removed. The beginning of that work is showing up with this version with the consolidation of Boundary, Passthrough and Objects & Furniture settings into the Physical Space setting. I used the different positions or environments myself for different things, I know how you feel about losing those options, but I'm excited for what's to come. 

There's an official message for the change that I shared on the v53 thread if you missed it. And as to your question 4, yes it's getting rolled out gradually.

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I just got an update earlier today with my Quest Pro which is still on v54 PTC.  The new version I got is

Anyone that got a non-PTC v54 update could you please check to see if this is the same version.  Thanks.

I haven't seen any v54 updates on my Q2 yet.  It's still on non-PTC v53.

Everything seems to be working fine so far standalone and PCVR with Air Link.

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hi, could you let me know if the downgrade made you get your oculus home back?

Today I tested in several pretty fast songs in Beat Saber PCVR via Air Link with 5Ghz Wi-Fi - there were no problems with the Pro controllers tracking. So, this bug is half-fixed. And then in occured several times when I played Eleven Table Tennis standalone, so it occurs regardless of how fast you move the controllers. But it happens on more random basis now - there might be not a sngle loss of tracking in 10 minutes and then a couple of losses in a minute. But I'm pretty sure that it doesn't happen when Air Link connected and happens only in standalone mode now with Wi-Fi 5 connected. I couldn't find any specific router setting that can cause the problem, but I noticed that setting lesser channel (36 or 40) and lesser channel width (20-40MHz) decreases the probability of losing the controller tracking.

@Ryanality If this info helps to fix the problem or reproduce it - please pass it to the team.