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Retired Support

These features and enhancements will become available starting the week of September 11, 2023 and will be pushed to Meta Quest Pro and Meta Quest 2 headsets. You can always find the most updated release notes on our official release notes page.

Expanded Locomotion in Horizon Home

You can now freely teleport within your Home, similar to how you can teleport to move around in many VR apps. Press your controller thumbstick forward to bring up the teleporter, aim at a spot in your Home and release the thumbstick to teleport. You can also use the pinch gesture with your hands by touching your forefinger to your thumb to bring up the teleporter. 

Meta Horizon group links

We’re making it easier to invite friends to join your group. Now you can generate a link to your group and share it in VR or copy and paste it into any messaging platform you want.  

Inviting a Meta Horizon group to an app

We’re making it easier to meet up with your friends in VR by inviting your group to different experiences. Now you can easily invite your group to an app from your People tab. Also, when you invite a group from within an app, the invite will display in the group chat so everyone can see it and easily join you.

Unsend image messages 

You can now unsend image messages in VR and in the Meta Quest mobile app by hovering over or tapping on a message and selecting Unsend.

Direct Touch added to Hands tutorial 

We’re updating our hand tracking tutorial to show you all the ways in which you can use your hands as controllers in VR, including Direct Touch. You can find the updated tutorial tutorial in the Guide app. 

Contact list

When you turn on your Meta Quest headset your contact list will automatically open. This makes it easy to chat with and meet up with your friends, no matter what you're doing in VR. If you close your contacts list, you can always reopen it from the People tab.

Video recording improvements

You can now set a default option to include or not include microphone audio when recording video.

Introducing Horizon Feed 

Horizon Feed is replacing Explore. Horizon Feed is the landing surface in VR where you can find apps, entertainment and community. Discover your new favorite app, watch Reels from Instagram or Facebook, and travel to popular destinations.

Multitasking improvements

You can now use multiple apps simultaneously in a near and far configuration, allowing you to interact with your hands or controllers. To switch between views, select Switch view from the Quick Settings panel.

Avatar editor updates

You can customize the color of your avatar’s hair, eyebrows, and more, using the real-time avatar editor mirror available in select Home Environments. 

  • This feature will be rolling out gradually.

Mixed reality and boundary 

Some apps with mixed reality experiences no longer trigger a boundary warning when you approach or pass the boundary area, allowing people to safely enjoy the experience without interruption. You’ll know the boundary is turned off by a notification when you launch the app.

Removing Meta Quest casting mobile camera feature 

We are removing a casting feature from the Meta Quest mobile app on iPhone which allowed you to simultaneously capture your VR experience and your real-life experience using your phone camera.