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Retired Support

These features and enhancements will become available starting the week of October 24, 2023 and will be pushed to Meta Quest 3, Meta Quest Pro and Meta Quest 2 headsets.  Please note that you can find the most up to date release notes on our release notes article.

Suggested boundary (Quest 3 only)

Suggested boundary makes it easy to jump right into your apps on Meta Quest 3. 

Your device will suggest a boundary for you based on the free space around you. You can edit the suggested boundary before accepting it. You can always draw your own boundary if you’d like or use a stationary boundary instead. 

Suggested boundary will run anytime you launch an app and a boundary isn’t available in your space. You can also access Boundary from Physical Space in Settings.

Assisted Space Setup (Quest 3 only)

Spaces allow games to interact with your environment, enabling virtual content to collide with or hide behind real-world objects or furniture. With assisted Space Setup, your device can run a quick 3D scan of your environment, creating a simple representation of the surfaces in your room, including walls, tables, and other furniture, so you won’t have to manually add them into your space. 

Assisted space setup will run automatically when you launch an app that uses mixed reality or you can access Space Setup from Physical Space in Settings.

Battery Saver (Quest 3 only)

We’re adding an optional setting that will let you improve battery life on your device by lowering the graphics settings. You can find Battery Saver under Power in System Settings.

Activities tab in People panel

You can navigate to a new Activities tab in the People panel. This tab displays relevant activities that groups members are currently engaged in, along with active calls and app invites you can use to join people and play together.

Chat improvements

You can now add reactions to messages, send images, and use avatar stickers to express yourself in Chat in VR and on the Meta Quest mobile app.

Hand tracking improvements in mixed reality

We’re making improvements to the way your hands appear while using passthrough, making it more comfortable to interact with panels and apps while in mixed reality. 

Swipe to dismiss notifications

You can now use a swipe gesture to dismiss notifications.

Avatar legs

Your avatar will now have legs when you’re in Horizon Home.

First Encounters shortcut  (Quest 3 only)

We’ve added a shortcut to First Encounters in your Horizon Home. First Encounters is an easy way to discover what’s possible with mixed reality on Quest 3.You’ll find this available in Desert Terrace, Space Platform, Winter Lodge, and the Quest 3 Home environments. Select the spaceship to check it out!

Bug report shortcut

You can now report a bug by pressing the Oculus or Meta button 5 times in a row on your right Touch controller.

Temporarily disabling mobile ASW feature for Link 

Due to ongoing issues, we’re temporarily disabling the mobile ASW feature.

Parental controls updates

We're updating parental controls to give their teens and preteens extra support on Meta Quest. Parents can now access supervision tools in Meta Family Center, directly in the Meta Quest app. The full suite of tools, insights and resources can now be found under Supervision in the Meta Quest mobile app.

You’ll also soon be able to set daily time limits and scheduled breaks for your teen to help them manage their use of Meta Quest.

  • These features will be rolling out gradually.

YouTube Live Chat

Whether you’re a casual creator or more serious streamer, having easy access to real-time feedback from your community is key to producing more engaging and social live content. With v59, we’re providing creators with early access to introducing support for YouTube Live Chat, so you can seamlessly follow and respond to the fan conversation—even while fully immersed in the latest VR games and experiences.  If you are a YouTube creator and would like to try out this new chat feature, please fill out the early access interest form.

Remote Display app

Remote Display app, already available on Meta Quest Pro, will become available for Quest 3 and Quest 2 over time. This app allows you to display your computer screen within VR. You can find Remote Display in your App Library. 

Software update controls

We’re making changes to how you receive updates for Meta Quest software. Automatic updates will be on by default. You’ll be notified on your device when a software update is available, and can delay the update for up to 30 days. You can still opt-in to receive automatic updates for your device. We highly recommend you keep automatic updates on to get the latest features and security updates.

You can control automatic updates by going to Software Update in your System Settings.