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Community Manager

These features and enhancements will become available starting the week of October 24, 2023 and will be pushed to Meta Quest 3, Meta Quest Pro and Meta Quest 2 headsets.  Please note that you can find the most up to date release notes on our release notes article.

Suggested boundary (Quest 3 only)

Suggested boundary makes it easy to jump right into your apps on Meta Quest 3. 

Your device will suggest a boundary for you based on the free space around you. You can edit the suggested boundary before accepting it. You can always draw your own boundary if you’d like or use a stationary boundary instead. 

Suggested boundary will run anytime you launch an app and a boundary isn’t available in your space. You can also access Boundary from Physical Space in Settings.

Assisted Space Setup (Quest 3 only)

Spaces allow games to interact with your environment, enabling virtual content to collide with or hide behind real-world objects or furniture. With assisted Space Setup, your device can run a quick 3D scan of your environment, creating a simple representation of the surfaces in your room, including walls, tables, and other furniture, so you won’t have to manually add them into your space. 

Assisted space setup will run automatically when you launch an app that uses mixed reality or you can access Space Setup from Physical Space in Settings.

Battery Saver (Quest 3 only)

We’re adding an optional setting that will let you improve battery life on your device by lowering the graphics settings. You can find Battery Saver under Power in System Settings.

Activities tab in People panel

You can navigate to a new Activities tab in the People panel. This tab displays relevant activities that groups members are currently engaged in, along with active calls and app invites you can use to join people and play together.

Chat improvements

You can now add reactions to messages, send images, and use avatar stickers to express yourself in Chat in VR and on the Meta Quest mobile app.

Hand tracking improvements in mixed reality

We’re making improvements to the way your hands appear while using passthrough, making it more comfortable to interact with panels and apps while in mixed reality. 

Swipe to dismiss notifications

You can now use a swipe gesture to dismiss notifications.

Avatar legs

Your avatar will now have legs when you’re in Horizon Home.

First Encounters shortcut  (Quest 3 only)

We’ve added a shortcut to First Encounters in your Horizon Home. First Encounters is an easy way to discover what’s possible with mixed reality on Quest 3.You’ll find this available in Desert Terrace, Space Platform, Winter Lodge, and the Quest 3 Home environments. Select the spaceship to check it out!

Bug report shortcut

You can now report a bug by pressing the Oculus or Meta button 5 times in a row on your right Touch controller.

Temporarily disabling mobile ASW feature for Link 

Due to ongoing issues, we’re temporarily disabling the mobile ASW feature.

Parental controls updates

We're updating parental controls to give their teens and preteens extra support on Meta Quest. Parents can now access supervision tools in Meta Family Center, directly in the Meta Quest app. The full suite of tools, insights and resources can now be found under Supervision in the Meta Quest mobile app.

You’ll also soon be able to set daily time limits and scheduled breaks for your teen to help them manage their use of Meta Quest.

  • These features will be rolling out gradually.

YouTube Live Chat

Whether you’re a casual creator or more serious streamer, having easy access to real-time feedback from your community is key to producing more engaging and social live content. With v59, we’re providing creators with early access to introducing support for YouTube Live Chat, so you can seamlessly follow and respond to the fan conversation—even while fully immersed in the latest VR games and experiences.  If you are a YouTube creator and would like to try out this new chat feature, please fill out the early access interest form.

Remote Display app

Remote Display app, already available on Meta Quest Pro, will become available for Quest 3 and Quest 2 over time. This app allows you to display your computer screen within VR. You can find Remote Display in your App Library. 

Software update controls

We’re making changes to how you receive updates for Meta Quest software. Automatic updates will be on by default. You’ll be notified on your device when a software update is available, and can delay the update for up to 30 days. You can still opt-in to receive automatic updates for your device. We highly recommend you keep automatic updates on to get the latest features and security updates.

You can control automatic updates by going to Software Update in your System Settings.

Honored Guest

How can we opt into being in the first round of rolling releases?



I just got v59 (non-PTC) on my Quest Pro earlier today.  It's v59.  I'm still on the non-beta v57  oculus desktop app and I assume it will update soon.  I didn't find any reasons to try the public beta version.  I did find I needed to clear my guardian history and do a couple of headset restarts for everything to stabilize, esp. controller tracking.

All seems to be working fine standalone and wireless PCVR with Air Link.

Nice to have the options to get rid of avatar hands/arms if you want to.  I think I've gotten used to seeing them so going back to the ghost hands/controllers didn't look good, to me anyway.

Nice that the apps panel seems to remember what display options you like again.

Tested with a standalone, rift store, and Steam apps, plus msfs2020 and all seemed fine.

Still waiting for v59 on my Q3 but tbh, its working very well, including with my Elite battery strap (which I did need to a 12 second strap button reset yesterday and it then came good again).

So all I can say is so far, so good.  Thanks to Meta for not bricking my QPro, lol!


Yesterday I received the V59 firmware version, now finally the button to access the apps allows you to choose a favorite list, between "All", "Installed", "Not Installed", etc. I'm super happy with this return to functionality, now my boot choice can go back to "Installed".



I confirm there is a bug with PC oculus software V59.0. I revert to V57.0 and IL2 works perfectly in openXR (open composite).

See link below on open composite discord. Please correct this cery annoying bug in V59.0




I have a problem (error message below) when I launch IL2 sturmovik flight simulator). everything worked ok yesterday but since oculus PC software update to day (Version de l’app Oculus (

I have this error message.

If someone have a tip??*

Thanks in advance for your help









will it be possible in the future to have a hotkey on keyboard to activate desactivate passthrough while playing game on PC. It is very usefull for complex flight simulators like DCS WORLD or IL2.

Thanks in advance


@arnitos  Try just using double tap your headset to go in/out of passthrough.  Make sure to select/enable that option in both your quest home settings and Rift home dashboard settings.  Hunt around a bit and you should find these ok.


Thanks Tom, I know the double tap function. What I would like is a PC keyboard key to emulate the double tap so I will be able to map it on my HOTAS joystich for flight simulators.



I did a full scan of my home a few days ago and it worked flawless (on v57). As I was setting up my windows/doors I placed smth wrong and couldn't remove it. I tried to do a full scan today again (now with v59) Quest3 tells me that I can only do 1 room at a time. Is that intended? Had my hopes up, that full environmental scanning would now be a thing esp. due to the nice and easy to use SceneManager in Unity. The "Add more walls" button being greyed out currently seems slightly out of place too. 😞

best regards


My desktop Oculus PC software updated to v59 last night however my Quest 3 still says no update available on v57.  I've found having mismatched versions between PC and HMD to be a recipie for bad performance in the past, haven't done extensive testing here though and it seems fine.

Not looking for a specific soltuion with this post, I am providing feedback that the rolling release update scheudle needs to be better managed, it's confusing at best and frustrating when situations like I listed above cause performance issues.  I would propose some of these process changes to help the community:

- Let people opt into getting it first, similar to Microsoft with Windows updates if they so choose.  I am not speaking about PTC with this comment, that's a different option which someone must acknowledge installing pre-release software.  The option to be the first to get release software would be preferable in many situations

- Ensure PC/Headset updates are aligned regionally and avoid version mismatching and compatiblity/perforamnce issues.

- Provide more transparency on the process.  Example: "We start out deploying X region first, followed by Y, etc, and typically wait Z days before starting the next region if there's no major deployment issues"

Thank you.


@dojjah  I agree with all that mate.  My QPro updated to v59 2 days ago, followed by my oculus desktop app updating to v59 yesterday.  I'm still waiting for the v59 update on my Q3.  Meta def needs to sync these better imho.

@Ryanality  Maybe talk to your Meta contacts and see if this can be improved upon.  Thanks mate.


Ok, I just got another V59 update on my QPro (version,706), still no update on my Q3.  Together with the latest oculus desktop app this has caused me a few problems. 

I see that the v59 release notes say that Meta are disabling the ODT option mobile asw.  This option never did anything, for me anyway, except cause the odd sparkle every 30-60 seconds, so I always disabled it.  With the latest update, this is back again so maybe it has not been disabled properly yet.  I have filed a bug report, not that these seem to do anything, lol!

@Ryanality  Please contact your Meta engineers and get this fixed asap.  Thanks mate.

Edit;  Seems slightly better after a few restarts.

Edit #2; Still get a white line flash every minute or so with this latest v59 update on my Quest Pro.  My Q3 is still on V57 and it does not have this issue, even with the new v59 oculus desktop app.  So, def something wrong with this latest v59 update imho.

Edit #3;  OK I think I managed to fix this issue.  With Air Link I have been using 200mbps dynamic bitrate Plus 5mbps dynamic bitrate offset (ODT).  I found adding this small amount seemed to help stabilize my overall bitrate a little better.  Anyway, I removed this offset and all's well again.  I'm not really sure why, but this seems have fixed this issue now.  @Ryanality  Please take note of this and maybe you can think of a reason why this would cause this issue, thanks mate.

Oculus.Platform.Users.GetLoggedInUser stoped working in v59

always return oculusId 0 without error

Honored Guest

Hi guys,

the last software update made the OpenXR/composite stop working on Quest2. Is there a way how to roll back or downgrade?

@arnitos - how did you roll back to version 57, mate?


Thanks all


OK, I finally also got v59 on my Q3 earlier today.  It's now the same version as my QPro


The oculus desktop app (non-PTC) remains at  (these always show different version details but this is normal imho).

Anyway, after testing a few standalone and PCVR with Air Link (@200mbps Dymanic bitrate) with a few Rift, Steam, and VivePort apps, plus flight sim msfs2020, all seems to be working fine so far.  If I get a chance later today I'll try this with my Link cable.

Honored Guest

Awful update

Ever since the update my graphics have gotten bad, really bad. Quest 3 enhanced games look terrible, worden than before. The virtual environment looks awful aswell. Everything looks very low-res, and even more low-res in the upper half of the screen. Extremely noticeable in 7th guest. It's a pixelated mess.. jagged and shimmering lines all over. It's as if toggling the 'power saver' function doesn't do anything and it's stuck at the downgraded graphics.. I tried resetting my Q3, twice now. But nothing..

The much read issue of the stuttering with the white specks/artifacts at random spots all over the screen, sort of screen tearing, happened for me too during my first uses. And has recently come back a couple of times.


I have been mailing with meta support since a couple of days, and now they have gone silent. I read at some forums that they acknowledged the issues. In my conversations with them they acted like they didn't know the issue I was describing. Giving me absurd possible fixes. But now it seems they just quit responding..

There's no fun to be had with my Q3 atm.. I was so wowed when I first played around with it. Graphics were awesome. That was until V59 came...

What is going on?

Honored Guest

Was the haptic feedback in the controllers turned down after recent updates? When browsing the Quest 3 menus my controllers feedback doesn't feel as strong anymore.

Expert Protege

I double get the new v59 firmware today... double, because after activating the hedaset, first the controller were updating, then there was another update to download, while v59 already installed.

already on device:

  • System: ?
  • Version:
  • Runtime:
  • OS Vers: SQ3A.220605.009.A1

afterwards on device:

  • System: 49743630042000510
  • Version:
  • Runtime:
  • OS Vers: SQ3A.220605.009.A1

Also the Desktop App updates to

My findings... the menu-ui with direct shortcut to change from tablet mode to "room" mode was great, also the app drawer, which finally rememers preferences and let them access directly without digging in "search" is perfect... please do NOT change this anymore!

But, there maybe is a small problem with this new firmware...
The Quest3 only connects with 400MBit to the wireless network!
It's no problem, while streaming (AirLink or VDM) works as it shoud... but it's obvious.
(formally it got 4th time the connection bandwidth in my Gen5 WiFi network)

Does it connect to the problems with Mobile ASW?
And by the way... it's good, you've finally disabled that - it didn't work either and forces problems with the "worng setting".

@TomCgcmfc You've mentioned, that you can disable "hands & arms" (tm@meta ;-).
I didn't find the option to do that, so please help me, to get rid of 'em also!

@Atmosfera- Try to install the little helpy tool "OVR Metrics Tool" from Meta. This will show you very useful informations about the state of your headset, including the resolution, which is rendered the actual scene (home, app, whatever). Also there is a nice tool called "Quest Games Optimizer" (10$) which is able to ehance the visual fidelity even further at cost of battery lifetime, of course. Maybe this is your problem, as with firmware v59 there goes a feature along, called "battery optimizer" (reduce graphics for better battery life).

Honored Guest


I did check the gpu frequency via ovr metrics, that was ok though. 

But check the pictures through the lens.. this is not just simply reduced graphics, this is a pixelated, jagged mess. Unenjoyable and unplayable this way.








I was thrilled to see the improvements to the App Library in v59. Filters directly accessible again, and they finally seem to always remember what I last set them to (like it used to work, several years ago). I concur with the other comments; this is perfect, don't change it from this!


Well, some folders or a way to hide old demos and other unwanted apps would be okay, but since I typically sort by Recent, I don't often see those unless I'm plumbing the depths of my library.


@Buetigame  the hide/show your avatar hands/arms with v59 can be found in settings/accessibility/mobile options.


@arnitos you'll want to disable opencomposite, which is a program to run steamvr games without steam vr, that or use virtual desktop, since the new update it seems to now be compatible with it



@Ryanality do we have any estimations as to when ptc will start rolling out for the quest 3, I'm not sure myself and I really don't want to miss out on early updates

Expert Protege

@Atmosfera- Looks weired... also wouldn't it be possible to make real screenshots?
(Meta-Button & Fire, right controller)

@TomCgcmfc perfect... many thank's! Never thought I'd find this under "accessibility"...


Honored Guest

@Buetigame I did at first, to communicate to Meta. But those screenshots looked 'alright', you noticed it a bit but it wasn't really as obvious as through the lenses

Heroic Explorer

I just noticed this morning in Accessibility - Mobility  - there is a setting for "Avatar Arms". Yes, you can turn off those wretched avatar arms and go back to the "Ghost Hands". At least for now. I expect this setting to go away with a future update.

Expert Protege

Got an update for the desktop app yesterday: to

Of course, there are no change-notes or anything.

My ares support service on and workin on live tracking on


Since this update, not this one but newest one, I have noticed the Lukeross cyberpunk menu has stuttery issues in the main menu when looking around (it uses AER for the 3D). I am wondering if it has something to do with removing mobile asw for link, or something else. It's a shame because it's really bad at 72hz, 120hz fixes it but still can see the slight ghosting in the main menu. It was never like this before the Oculus update. Is there any way to roll back?

Also separately, the fact that we still don't have 120hz mode over the link cable for the Quest 3 is concerning.