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Retired Support

These features and enhancements will gradually become available starting the week of December 4, 2023 and will be pushed to Meta Quest 3, Meta Quest Pro and Meta Quest 2 headsets.  Please note that you can find the most up to date release notes on our release notes article and you can check out our v60 blog as well for more details.

New Horizon Home environments

There are 3 new Horizon Home environments for you to download and explore: Blue Hill Gold Mine, Storybook, and Lakeside Peak. Learn more about how to change your virtual environment and how to invite people to join you in your Horizon Home.

Layout utility app

Layout is a new utility app that helps you spatially measure, align and visualize real world objects directly in your physical space. Some things you can do with Layout include:

  • Measure the square footage of a living room.
  • Visualize the size and placement of a 72” TV on the wall.
  • Visualize furniture in your living room.
  • Measure the height and depth of a kitchen counter.

You can find Layout in your App Library.

Profile updates

Now when you view someone’s profile you’ll be able to see things you have in common, such as apps and connections, if they choose to share this information.

Bluetooth settings improvements

We’ve made a number of fixes and improvements to Bluetooth settings, making it easier to search for and connect Bluetooth devices to your headset.

Quest 3 Public Test Channel

We’re opening up the Public Test Channel (PTC) for Quest 3. PTC is an early access program for Meta Quest version software. By signing up, you can get early access to the unreleased software version ahead of the public release. Learn more about PTC including how to sign up.

Phone notifications discontinued

The phone notification feature, which allows you to receive notifications from your mobile phone on your headset, will be discontinued.

Passthrough during app loading

When you’re using Passthrough in Horizon Home and you launch an app that has enabled this feature, you’ll continue to see your surroundings while the app loads.

More ways to visit Meta Horizon Worlds

We’re making it easier to visit and revisit your favorite worlds. You can now access worlds from the Worlds tab in your App Library.

Safe Browsing enhancements

We’ve made some enhancements to Safe Browsing on Meta Quest Browser by integrating Meta's secure website database. Safe Browsing currently uses Google Safe Browsing to protect you from deceptive websites, phishing attempts, malware distribution, and social engineering attacks. Meta’s secure website database provides an additional layer of security to help keep you safe while using Meta Quest Browser.

Boundary improvements

We are introducing cloud computing capabilities that improve your headset's ability to remember more boundaries using point cloud data, so you can spend less time redrawing boundaries.

Quest Pro performance upgrades

As part of our effort to continue bringing improvements to our in-market products, in v60 we are enabling higher clock speeds for Quest Pro CPU and GPU when running MR applications, giving you a smoother MR app experience and a more responsive UI. This update also adds more power for developers to take advantage of for both existing and upcoming apps.

These performance improvements include (when compared to Quest Pro at launch):

  • Up to 34% increase in CPU
  • Up to 19% increase in GPU when Dynamic Resolution is turned on

End-to-end encryption for cloud backup

If you have cloud backup turned on, you can now secure your backups with your own pin for end-to-end encryption. You’ll need to create an end-to-end encryption PIN which will let you restore your backups after a factory reset or when you set up a new device. You can manage cloud backup and end-to-end encryption from Backup in System Settings and also from the Meta Quest mobile app.