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Meta accounts are here

Community Manager
Community Manager

Starting today, you’re no longer required to log into your Meta VR devices using a Facebook account. Find out all about Meta accounts and Meta Horizon profiles on our blog post. You can now set up a Meta account using your email address or Facebook account.


If you currently access Meta VR products with an Oculus account, you can continue doing so until January 1st, 2023. After that date, you’ll need to set up a Meta account to continue using your VR device.


Meta accounts give you more choice when it comes to how you log into VR and whether Facebook and Instagram are part of your experience. When you set up a Meta account, we’ll migrate your existing information (including apps, achievements, and friends) to this account so you can dive back in.


To learn more, watch our tutorial video. To get started, visit our website or open the Oculus mobile app.


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Level 2

Is it possible to turn an account created with Facebook into a Meta Account and remove the Facebook account from it all together? 


(While still owning all of the games and apps on the new meta account)


Yes ..

You no longer need Facebook and get the option to continue without Facebook whilst changing to a Meta account. All your stuff gets carried over to your Meta Account.


I've already done the transition, so I understand what you're saying.  But, have you carefully gone through the Meta/Oculus account settings and made sure the facebook account was in fact severed?  I haven't yet.  And, even if you can't see the facebook account in your settings, someone may want to chat with Meta and confirm on their side that there is no hidden connection, field, with the old facebook account listed.

The email is the same... so simply there is no need for a "hidden connection".

There may not be a need for you, but there may be a motive for Meta to maintain your facebook info on your Meta account.

Its probably all another variation of FB in VR owned by FB. Just another social media channel that all do the same thing. As @Buetigame stated your email remains the same. I think all we have done is moved from one named social media channel to another.

Level 3

Hi, I have a question which I haven't seen addressed anywhere. What if I want to un-couple my Meta account from Fb, but I want to associate it to a NEW email address?

The account in question was an old Oculus account from Quest 1 times, which then merged with FB when I activated my Quest 2... but through "circumstances" I no longer have access to the old email which was used for the Oculus login. And that email shows as the associated email when I try to de-couple the Meta account.

I want to choose a NEW email address to pair with this account before de-coupling from Fb. Can you help me with this?

Glad to see that I am not the only one having this issue. I open Meta Quest Remote Desktop. Then click on 'Continue with Meta Account'. It takes me to Chrome browser to log in. Goes back to desktop app.....loads forever then asks me to try again. ENDLESS LOOP!!  I can still do a remote desktop through the Immersed app. Sad that the Native Meta Desktop does not work. I hope this gets fixed soon. I don't like being the Beta Tester.

Yes, that's happened... with some big differences

  • FB linking is optional
  • no social "clear name" nessesary
  • property (devices, apps and games) is not linked to the social profile

@niclasj-XR4work : you may change the mail adress after the "de-couple"... later.

Or you have to change the mail adress wthin your FB Account, before doing this.


@BeachBoy2.0 : Clear up your cache (maybe also your cookies) and deactivate "script stopper" plugins etc.


I have created a META account. It has completely made my oculus unusable! It’s been 6 days now. It will turn on, I can click on the game, it acts like it will load, then kicks me back to use this code to connect your headset. There is no code, and I when I click the generate a new code button, it throws an error occurred, please try again. Is this what was happening to you? How did you fix it? I have been on several chats, they keep telling me they’re working on it. It’s been 6 days and I can’t use a head set, or the games I paid for. WTH??