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Meta accounts are here

Community Manager
Community Manager

Starting today, you’re no longer required to log into your Meta VR devices using a Facebook account. Find out all about Meta accounts and Meta Horizon profiles on our blog post. You can now set up a Meta account using your email address or Facebook account.


If you currently access Meta VR products with an Oculus account, you can continue doing so until January 1st, 2023. After that date, you’ll need to set up a Meta account to continue using your VR device.


Meta accounts give you more choice when it comes to how you log into VR and whether Facebook and Instagram are part of your experience. When you set up a Meta account, we’ll migrate your existing information (including apps, achievements, and friends) to this account so you can dive back in.


To learn more, watch our tutorial video. To get started, visit our website or open the Oculus mobile app.


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With the new account concept, this couldn't happen anymore...

And I didn't regret any single Euro spent to Mata/Oculus 😉

(since 2016 three headsets und a whole bunch of games/apps)

Try to open a ticket with Oculus support and hopefully they will help you.

Only thing they have to do, is to unlink your email from FB account.

Ever since this update I can’t use my oculus quest 2 because when I put in the code for a second it says I’m verified then says I have to generate a new code.

Level 3

What the heck Oculus??????? 
Can you really not learn how to do migrations like this where they are as transparent and easy for your users as possible?


I picked up my Rift S tonight for a pre-arranged gaming session with friends only to get the all too well known.. "you must take off your headset as we're forcing an update on you".  What in 2022 makes you think this is cool? Wnat?
Normally that's not so bad as it's headset off for a few minutes and then we're back in business and hoping that they've not broken anything and games all still work as before.  Not this time though...

"Want to game on your Rift S tonight...nope.. because we need to force update all your other headsets too and you have a two devices (Quest 1 and Quest2) that will need to be factory reset (why OculMetaFacebook? Why?) if you don't do as we say and get them updated the blurb threatens that you may have to factory reset them. No.. no.. why would you threaten your loyal users with that? why?."

Of course it wasn't possible to update the Quests straight away as I'm mostly a Rift S user and not used the other devices in a while... Oh I'll plug them in and start the updates.  Nope.. "you need 50% charge to do an update". Arrrrrrrgh.  Do your engineers go out of their way to annoy users as much as possible?

So I get the Quests updated.. Nope, the Oculus App still reports only one of them needs updating despite the fact that it is.  Oh well I guess I'll have to brick the Quest 1. then? 

Nope.. Can't setup a new Meta account as I they want to send a code to my email account and for some reason the code isn't coming though.. *sends test email to that account... comes through fine.*  Of course the option for "I didn't get a code" does absolutely nothing at all so simply stuck in a loop now.  There appears to be no possible way to login to change the email account.. or does this need to be done on facebook?  I don't know, but anyway facebook said "you can't use that email account when I tried.  Of course it didn't give a decent reason why just a usual *computer says no* type response.  Thanks.  Useful.

What Engineer signed this all off at Meta?  Who the heck thought it was a good idea to not even let people in to their existing accounts as a fallback.. I couldn't even log in to this forum or to get support (yes I had to sign up for a new account just to post, so it's not linked for use with my purchased games etc).  I don't want my VR account linked to Facebook but at the moment thats looking like the only option?  Will it ever be possible to revert to email account later?  Maybe it would have been a decent idea to put a FAQ together on these things before forcing such disruptive updates on your loyal users.
I'm really getting fed up with Meta controlling VR.. honestly.  And I'm normally one of the ones that can take a lot before having to complain.

Meta... please please please stop being anti your own users.  Please.. just stop.  Just get out of the way and spend more time, effort and money on making our lives easier not harder.

You had the choice to migrate your account (Oculus or FB) to Meta... 

Why do you do such things if the only purpose to logon is showing something to your friends?

Sorry, but such posts never got things "better"... they will be ignored.


For me the migration was straight forward and Meta asks before migrate the account.

Also it warns, if one of the devices is not compliant.


You ignored all this and now you blame Meta for it?

Level 4

I have 2 Quest 2's connected to my FB account. Mine and the Mrs.

Do i just do mine and update then do hers after ?

should remove hers from my devices and reset hers to factory then do hers again as if new ?

or will i just need to log hers in with my new password after.

Any advice appreciated before i attempt this 🙂

Level 4

October, 80% of my App Library needs to be hidden, show hide for esps, with quick launch icons dragged from App Library? I simply can’t understand…

You don't have to set a "new password" for migrating the Account.

Just do it via mobile app (both headsets connected) and everything will be fine.
(Firmware on both headsets shoud be v43)

Thanks for the response in fact its the only one i have had despite trying to get info in other Discords etc.

So both Headsets on and Both up to date. Thanks that helps a lot 🙂

Unfortunately it was not as straight forward as that for 2 Headsets but got there in the end.

Level 6

I appear to have migrated to a Meta account. Did this Friday 26 Aug. I did not use the Facebook option. On my Windows 10 PC the process did not seem to work with Firefox or Chrome and I had to use Edge to get it to work. I tried Firefox in trouble shooting mode as some of the add-ons block some popups.

Also I was unable to log in to the Forum using the Oculus account until now. I would click on the "login" button and just get a blank web page without being logged so I could not post. I opened a support ticket so this appears to have been resolved.