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Meta accounts are here

Community Manager
Community Manager

Starting today, you’re no longer required to log into your Meta VR devices using a Facebook account. Find out all about Meta accounts and Meta Horizon profiles on our blog post. You can now set up a Meta account using your email address or Facebook account.


If you currently access Meta VR products with an Oculus account, you can continue doing so until January 1st, 2023. After that date, you’ll need to set up a Meta account to continue using your VR device.


Meta accounts give you more choice when it comes to how you log into VR and whether Facebook and Instagram are part of your experience. When you set up a Meta account, we’ll migrate your existing information (including apps, achievements, and friends) to this account so you can dive back in.


To learn more, watch our tutorial video. To get started, visit our website or open the Oculus mobile app.


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You could try a full factory reset on your headset.  Not knowing more about your particular issue, that's what I would try.

Thanks for the suggestions. I can't see a "change email address" option inside the account center, so I'm unsure about the first. Also, every time I've tried changing the email through the Oculus log-in before, it has said that I need to reply to the confirmation email.... which is sent to the OLD email. 

And re: the FB account, the FB account isn't associated with that email anywhere - it's only associated to the old Oculus account. Which sends me in circles, see above.

Would really appreciate an official reply here...

You aren't going to get an official reply here.  You said you already chatted with them directly, and that's the only true way to get an "official" reply to your specific problem.

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If it helps anyone and I'm not sure if already mentioned but I followed the instructions in this website and chose to set up the new Meta account with an email and password rather than Facebook. All worked flawlessly, including updating the app. Hope this helps.

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A Meta account allows you to sign into your VR gadgets and view and deal with your bought content in one spot. You can set up a Meta account with your email address or Facebook account. On the off chance that this is your most memorable time making a record to utilize a Meta VR item, you can likewise set up a Meta account with your Instagram account.

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Same here , The meta account is up and running, but air link is asking to connect to oculus account , which no longer works.

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Thanks a lot for making this happen. I never liked HAVING TO connect social media to my gear and I'm very happy with that decision. Keep up the good work!