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Community Manager



We’re so excited to start bringing you all Monthly AMAs (Ask Me Anythings) to get you the inside scoop on questions that you've been wanting to ask the Meta team. Each month we’ll either feature a special guest(s) for a themed AMA or have you ask various general Meta Quest questions for our Product Specialists to answer.

How our AMAs will work:

Starting the first full week of every month we’ll introduce the theme of our AMA and start a thread to gather your questions for the team. Once it is introduced, there will be a whole week of gathering questions and your kudos. The question’s most kudoed will be the ones to get answered. The team will answer the top 5 burning questions and we’ll post them as a top answer on the thread the following week. 

Be sure to subscribe to the thread when it comes out to stay the most up-to-date!

Starting next week we’ll kick it off with an exciting guest team! See you all there!