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With v54 of the Quest software we're adding a new feature that will improve gameplay for anyone out there using gamepads with their headsets.

When connecting a gamepad either wired or wirelessly to a headset, there's a white dot that appears to assist with navigation by helping someone know where exactly the headset is focused. We've added a setting which allows users to disable this cursor and switch to direct gameplay control by pressing START + SELECT together at the same time on your gamepad.

For anyone playing sideloaded games on Quest, this feature should help make gameplay experience even more seamless by eliminating the white dot so you can focus on your gameplay.




I see PlayStation and Xbox, where is Nintendo? Joycon support when!?

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Hey there, @PainTitan! Nintendo is tons of fun! You can definitely make a post in the Ideas section of the forums to see if anybody else in the community agrees! 


Thank you! This is a feature I requested last year, I am happy there will finally be a way to remove the white dot when using a gamepad. 

@Ryanality One small feature request, a way to disable (or change the default to off) the auto-app update prompt on the Power Down Menu. It’s a welcome feature for many, but for those that don’t like auto-updates it is annoying to toggle off every time I turn off my headset. Thank you!


I wish there was a similar command to get rid of the gaze cursor when using the quest browser and your controllers go to sleep, like when watching a YouTube vid.

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Hello-I am unable to add a gamepad to my updated Quest 2 as that option does not appear under the "controllers" option. How can I add a gamepad device?