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October 2022: Community Forums Changes Announcement

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey Everyone! As you may have noticed, we’ve done some updating to the site, which means we’ve moved a few things around. To note, here are the main updates to know about:

- All Support related topics are now in the Get Help board. 

- If you’re looking for more product specific threads, those are in the Talk VR board. 

- And apps, games and the likes are in VR Experiences.

Note: Going forward in the Get Help board, make sure to use labels for specific products, like “Meta Quest 2” in order to flag them and search for them more easily.


If you’re looking for a thread that you can’t find, it may be in our archive section here. Feel free to ask a moderator if you want to bring a thread out of the archive. We’re happy to help!


Lastly, share your thoughts on the new site below. We'd love to hear from you on what works, what doesn’t and what we can do to continue making your experiences even better. Thanks all!