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PTC for Quest v.47 Megathread

Community Manager
Community Manager

The Public Test Channel (PTC) for Quest and Quest 2 v47 is starting to roll out. Meta Quest Pro is not included in the PTC at this time. Let's use this thread for collecting feedback on it. Share your impressions and let us know if you see any issues. Please make sure to also send in bug reports along with posting here if you notice anything going wrong.


Thanks to everyone testing out PTC and sharing your feedback! We appreciate your help testing out the core functionality of software as we develop!

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Level 6

Still encoder framedrops with link and air link, but air link became even worse now. I've already sent a support ticket, but they're only suggesting basic things I already tried.


There are more people with this issue, started with v46. There is also a reddit post and a forum thread here.


Please fix it, something is changed for encoding on the Quest 2.


Edit: I've only use the PTC on the PC software, because it's full for the Quest, so I can't try what happens when updating to the PTC version of the headset itself. But I don't think it's matter, encoding is done on the PC.

Level 3

Thanks for the heads up! Any beta release notes available and/or specific/new things to look for or test?

Community Manager
Community Manager

@fatal88, thanks for reporting! I've reached out to the engineering team on this and confirmed that they're working on this. It helps to get the flag from PTC too, so I appreciate you jumping in!

@dopamaniac, we don't currently publish specific release notes for PTC. Sometimes the features that will be in the release aren't enabled yet and we're often using PTC to test out bug fixes, and to find new problems that might have appeared in the build. Also, the team sometimes likes seeing what features people might notice without being told to go looking.

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@RyanalityThat's great news! Thanks!

I would test with the PTC version on the headset as well (to be on the same version), but unfortunately can't join PTC because it's full.

I'm facing the same issue as @fatal88. Dropped frames and visible stutters. The GPU is not dropping frames. Application frames dropped and compositor frames dropped in ODT both do NOT increment when it stutters. The dropped frames counter in Link Details does correspond to the visible stutter, along with a momentary drop in frame rate. Happens all the time regardless of game, system utilization or sitting idle.

Here are videos that show the issue:

This is exactly the same issue.

Yes, this is the issue. Those blue spikes at the top left are non-existant in air link, but dropped frames are more, and framerate is dropping more frequently to 87.5 (I've tested at 80hz, it's 77.5 there, and 69.5 on 72hz) and dropping more frames (the two event is connected imo, so it's dropping frame rate hz for encoding, therefore it's dropping frames).


Any news, could the engineering team found out what causes the issue?

Can I access v47 sideload zip somehow? I would be happy to test, but the PTC is full, so I can't join.

Same exact issue im having here. constant stutter/tear that wasnt there before. Delightfully headache inducing.