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PTC v43 Release Megathread

Community Manager
Community Manager

The Public Test Channel (PTC) for Quest and Quest 2 v43 is starting to roll out. Let's use this thread for collecting feedback on it. Share your impressions and let us know if you see any issues. Please make sure to also send in bug reports along with posting here if you notice anything going wrong.


Thanks to everyone testing out PTC and sharing your feedback! We appreciate your help testing out the core functionality of software as we develop!

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Level 3

Unfamiliar with reporting bugs in the software for the Quest PCVR, so I'll mention it here.

Latest update that fixes the stuttering introduced a new bug where opening the dashboard can sometimes disconnect my right-hand controller, causing me to have to reinsert the battery and close the dash with my left hand. Also get the error popup saying that Airlink has disconnected, even though it's still connected. Restarting Oculus through services.msc and in-app still results in the same error. Haven't tried cable link, but I don't have a suitable cable length for testing that conveniently.

Windows 11 22H2 (22622.436)
Quest 1 - Airlink

RTX 3090

12900K 5.5 GHz | 4090 Suprim X | 32 GB 4133 C14 | P5800X 800 GB | Quest 1

Level 7

Since I'm out of PTC, can I at least get flagged to receive the hotfix for PTC 43?

Level 4

Can you finaly add the button ON/OFF missing for Space Sense in v43 ? 🤔



Finaly, now you can turn OFF Space Sence because smooth update in v42.
Go to Guardian then Roomscale and turn off this f%£à?&# Space Sense !

Say goodbye to all those horrible purple streaks in play.

Level 3

Why did you remove the vertical fader option that was in v42? That was very cool and really useful for blending real world and the virtual home. It was a better solution than space sense. Please bring it back.

Level 4

Vertical fader option ? 🙄

There was a slider on the quick settings window (positioned on the upper right) which let adjusting the blending between virtual home and passthrough. The blending was adjusted vertically (virtual home at top, passthrough at bottom) so I called the feature as vertical fader. It's probably not the official name of the feature. It was very cool and useful. No idea why that was removed. It doesn't make any sense to remove useful features. I wish very much that they bring it back.

I remember that. It was activating when I enabled the passthrough in home, there was a slider @ the brightness slider, so u could have bottom half passthrough and top vr etc.. Useful indeed, sad it is gone now.

Yep, that's it. It was better than space sense in some situations. I hope the team brings it back.

Level 4

they will only put back what is not useful 😂

Level 3

I love how they broke pcvr in v41 did nothing about it in v42 and broke it more in v43