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PTC v54 Release Megathread

Community Manager
Community Manager

The Public Test Channel (PTC) for Quest v54 is starting to roll out for Meta Quest Pro and Meta Quest 2. Thanks everyone for all your feedback!  

Let's use this thread for collecting feedback on v54. Share your impressions and let us know if you see any issues. Please make sure to also send in bug reports along with posting here if you notice anything going wrong. 

Thanks again to everyone testing out PTC and sharing your feedback! We appreciate your help testing out the core functionality of software as we develop!

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Heroic Explorer

Did try to use Apple TV+ in the ”Meta Quest Browser” in full screen mode!

It works on the Quest Pro, but video is not stable as you get some strange flickering!
Works fine on the ”Firefox Reality” web browser, so I guess it`s within the Meta Quest Browser that the issue resides 🙂



It is - I used the skybox ai website to get various pics.  You can select realistic, scenic, etc. to get different styles.  Simple happies after a few firmware bumps.


I just loaded a 360 degree image and now my home environment won't load... it starts to load the image, then flashes black, then tries to load, then flashes black. A re-start did not fix it -- possibly a factory reset for me 😠

Did you try to shut it down all the way and then restart?  Shutdowns seem to install updates better for me.

There is an image size requirement, but so far I have used pics from the skybox ai site and some that I already had loaded for the 360 Jigsaw game that I got from the flickr site and they work really well. I shutdown again to see if things would change and it didn't. Wondering if it is an image issue....fingers crossed for you that it is easily fixed.

Factory Reset is what it took... sad to say that they're getting easier 😪


my first factory reset I felt like was a pain in the a$$, but i have been going back and forth between public and PTC so often its just a bit of time. I feel like at this point Im on PTC and all the features I need are working like a champ. I had most issues with the wifi 6e but not sure if going back and forth to PTC helped but I am on PTC and so far all my drops are gone. I feel like Meta is getting ready to compete with the Apple headset. 

Here is another thing, i love the quest pro but feel I will end up buying the apple headset. I hope i dont abandon the quest pro - only one love allowed.


Well, if you fall in love with the Apple... Feel free to send me your Quest Pro 😉

Honored Guest

Your update has stopped the use of 3 simulators we have developed and had on the shelf for sale to the public. You guys are affect our reputation as developers as well as oculus reputation for being a usable platform for developers 


Do you mean the "beta" update? public "test" channel? 

Heroic Explorer

I got firmware I feel something strange.


Thumbnails displayed in each category in Explore are so whity. Store's are normal. Menu icons seem whity, too. Super unstable latency bug of H265 Air Link isn't solved. Also, the problem with the smart phone app, when I uploaded an image to google drive, the jpg file was converted to png. Is this an app issue or a google drive issue?