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Community Manager
Community Manager

Thanks everyone for all your feedback on our previous builds, several bugs were identified in PTC v66 and the solutions for some have shipped, while others are on the way!

The Public Test Channel (PTC) for Quest v67 is starting to roll out soon for Meta Quest 2, Meta Quest Pro, and Meta Quest 3. 

If you're seeing an issue or bug after updating to PTC v67 jump on over to our Get Help board and search for any existing thread, if you don't find one, make a new thread. Please add the tag "PTC v67" to the thread and in the title. This way everyone can look for just PTC v67 issues too.

It's best if you can post each bug you spot in its own thread, to keep track of individual issues separately.

Share your impressions and let us know if you see any issues. Please make sure to also send in bug reports along with posting on the forums if you notice anything going wrong.

We know it's tough when you run into a problem on a PTC build and want to thank you all again for testing out PTC and sharing your feedback! This feedback is extremely helpful to our engineering teams. We appreciate your interest and persistence in testing out the core functionality of software as we develop!